@hydra hydra released this Jun 5, 2016 · 9396 commits to master since this release

Thanks to anyone who's ever helped out a fellow cleanflight user - without you all the developers would be stuck answering questions instead of coding - keep up the good work!

There have been MASSIVE amounts of code cleanups in this release, we really put the clean in cleanflight with this release.

There are now over 1000 forks of cleanflight on Github, amazing! - If you're a developer and have forked cleanflight you will really want to incorporate the changes into your codebase ASAP!

NOTE: Upgrading from < v1.13.0 will erase your configuration, backup via GUI and CLI before flashing.
NOTE: Some defaults have changed. Do NOT blindly restore your backups using the CLI.
IMPORTANT: Due to some new default settings you should retune your PIDs.

Changes from v1.12.1

  • Enhanced flight performance.
  • Support BlHeli 4w interface for ESCs with BlHeli and Sk Bootloader.
  • BlHeli ESC configuration and flashing support via USB.
  • Mavlink telemetry.
  • Complete overhaul of configuration storage mechanism. Upgrading without loosing settings possible in future.
  • Support 4 channel Parallel PWM 3.3v receivers on SPRacingF3MINI.
  • Support UART4/5 on STM32F103V
  • Configurable colors for LED strip modes.
  • New LED strip features for Beacon and GPS status.
  • New OLED display features (PIDs, tasks).
  • Updated task scheduler.
  • Many, many performance optimizations.
  • Substantial code cleanups and reorganization (MSP, Configuraton, PID, Mixer etc).
  • Many additional unit test to further enhance robustness.
  • Enhanced support for new hardware from various vendors (Motolab, Alienflight, SP Racing, TBS, Lumineer, ImmersionRC).
  • Many documentation updates.

Changes from v1.13.0-RC1

  • Fix to baro and headfree modes.
  • Fix airmode not showing as active in configurator.
  • Bug fixes and cleanup of LED strip code for flash size reduction.

Changes from v1.13.0-RC2

  • Documentation updates
  • Minor code cleanups
  • Support MSP_MODECOLOR to allow GUI to configure new LED strip features.
  • Fix to MSP RX.

Full change log: v1.12.0...v1.13.0

NOTE: some SPRacingF3EVO boards shipped with firmware 1.12.0 which was labelled 1.13.0. You can use the date, api version shown when connecting to the board and the cli status command to distinguish between them. If in doubt reflash it.
NOTE: BlHeli 4w support requires latest BlHeliSuite.
NOTE: PID LUX_FLOAT has had its settings scaled to the same values as MWREWRITE so that users can change between LUX_FLOAT and MWREWRITE without changing their PID values.
NOTE: CC3D PPM has been moved from pin 3 to pin 8.
NOTE: Your aircraft won't arm if the processor is overloaded. This normally only effects F1 boards (e.g. Naze, Flip and CC3D). If there is a problem with arming with one of these boards users should switch to the MWREWRITE PID or choose other features and settings to reduce CPU load.

Many thanks to @ledvinap @martinbudden for their really hard work on this release! Thanks also to all testers and everyone else contributing code, bug reports, suggestions, fixes and other feedback. Only together can we make it AWESOME!

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