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@hydra hydra released this Mar 27, 2015 · 10187 commits to master since this release

IMPORTANT: ** Requires the latest v0.63.0 configurator **

NOTE: Flashing will erase your configuration, backup via GUI and CLI before flashing.

NOTE: Other software clients will need updating to use the modified MSP_RC_TUNING command.

NOTE: Your pid controller 2 (LuxFloat) P/R/Y I term values should be divided by 10 to retain previous flight behavior.

  • Blackbox Flight data logging to onboard SPI flash chips (Naze Full, CC3D, SPRacingF3)
  • Low-pass servo filtering.
  • Re-designed serial port configuration.
  • Multiple simultaneous telemetry systems can be used.
  • CLI now also available on all MSP ports.
  • Support MSP on 2 ports at different baud rates (e.g. for using configuring via Bluetooth using SoftSerial2 at 19200)
  • Blackbox support for 230400 and 250000 baud rates.
  • Better support for SumD failsafe (works the same as SBus failsafe).
  • Independent Pitch/Roll rate adjustment (in GUI and in-flight).
  • Support TPA Breakpoint adjustment in GUI.
  • Cleanup of Mag/Acc sensor selection.
  • Support high precision FrSky Voltage monitoring.
  • Bug fix for tricopter 3D flight.
  • NMEA GPS SpaceVehicle information support.
  • Support for new SPRacingF3 Flight Controller.
  • Sonar support for some STM32F3 based boards.
  • Battery Voltage and Current monitoring on the Sparky.
  • Many documentation updates.
  • Many code cleanups.
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