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Artisan Extended Commands
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Laravel Artisan Extended


composer require cleaniquecoders/artisan-extended

Register Service Provider

Open up config/app.php and register CleaniqueCoders\ArtisanExtended\ArtisanExtendedServiceProvider::class, in providers key.

Publishing Reusable Components and Layouts

Run following command to publish reusable components:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=artisan-extended-views

p/s: Scaffold / Resourceful views require reusable components, hence you need to publish the artisan-extended-views.

Important Notes

On production, only php artisan clear:cache available for use, other than that if your application running on local or staging, all the Artisan Extended commands available for you on artisan console.

Available Commands

Create a New Scaffold

You may create single or multiple Model at one time.

php artisan make:scaffold Post


php artisan make:scaffold Post Like Video Photo Reaction

p/s: Please take note that, for now you still need to update the model $fillable property, ModelFactory.php and model's migration scripts.

Clear All Caches

php artisan clear:cache

Clear All Caches and Serve the Application

php artisan clear:serve

In case you need to run at different port:

php artisan clear:serve --port=9000

Create a New Route

php artisan make:route RouteName

Options available:

  1. -a - Create a new route for API
  2. -p - Set prefix for the route
  3. -m - Set middleware for the route. Each middleware separated by comma(,)
  4. -r - Create a new resourceful controller

Create an API Route

php artisan make:route -a Post

Create an API Route with Version

php artisan make:route -a -p v1 Post

Create an API Route with Version and Middlewares

php artisan make:route -a -p v1 -m auth:auth,jwt Post

Create a new View

Generate a view extending default layout, app.

php artisan make:view welcome

Generate a new admin's dashboard with layouts of admin.

php artisan make:view admin.dashboard -p admin

Generate a resourceful view, by passing a -r option and ommit the specific blade files.

php artisan make:view users -r

This command will create a directory named users in resources/views. There will be:

  1. index.blade.php,
  2. show.blade.php and
  3. form.blade.php.

You may want to create a resourceful controller by running php artisan make:resourceful UserController.

Create Event & Listener

php artisan make:eventlistener Post

Secure your Cookies

This command only for the new project only, as this command will change the default value of the cookie name to random string and set encrypt to true. It's recommended to change your application's cookie name and encrypt it.

php artisan secure:cookie