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The Cleanlab Culture

The coupling of data-driven machine intelligence and human intelligence has the potential to empower humanity with augmented capabilities beyond any prior technology in human history, but human data is messy and error-prone.

At Cleanlab, we pioneer a future where AI works reliably with messy, real-world, human data. We envision a world where AI empowers people even in domains where error-prone data makes building AI systems extremely challenging, whether automating error correction in a hospital’s medical code data, helping a self-driving car company train navigation AI on noisy data, or assisting a software engineer in automating data cleaning for an ML pipeline.

Our Mission: to empower people with the first enterprise solution for automated data-centric ML ops: from data cleaning to training reliable models on real-world, human, noisy labeled data.

Our Philosophy

Before Cleanlab, our founders worked at MIT, Harvard, Stanford, OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, Amazon Alexa, AWS, Facebook AI Research (FAIR), Dropbox, Oculus Research, Palantir, NASA, General Electric, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and a few other places. We kept our eyes open. We paid attention to what worked and what didn't. We observed how Amazon prioritizes the customer, Google prioritizes the technology, and Facebook prioritizes the employee.

At Cleanlab, we strive to combine the good and avoid the bad from what we've learned while working across the world's top technology and AI organizations to build a company culture that cares: about our customers, our impact on the world, and each other.

Behind the Cleanlab brand, products, and mission; there is a team of unique (and incredibly talented) creators -- it is the people and their collective culture that comprise our company and how ultimately define the role that Cleanlab plays in trying to add positive value to humanity and to our world.

Our Guiding Principles

These principles define how we ACT: Act, Think, and Create.

1. Care

  • About your work, about your co-workers, and about yourself. Don't stand by while a teammate struggles.

2. Be Empathetic

  • EQ is as important, if not more important, than IQ. Importantly, EQ includes self-empathy.

3. Have Substance

  • Make claims and have strong opinions, but back them up with strong evidence.

4. Question

  • Don’t go straight for the answer. The art of success is in asking good questions. A well-posed question may unveil a simpler solution.

5. Be Humble

  • Arrogance is blinding. Humility is key to solving problems with unexpected solutions.

6. Be Helpful

  • Our best work comes when we work together effectively. We succeed only if we help each other succeed.

7. Be Responsible

  • Individually and as an organization. To the world and to ourselves.

8. Have Courageous Conversations

  • Be brave. Give each other honest feedback when there is a problem. These conversations diversify thinking and enhance empathy.


We are inspired to publicly share this document describing our culture and values by other companies like CoactiveAI, GitLab, and many others that have also done so.


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