vRA Software Component to automate the delivery of a Mongo NoSQL Database Cluster
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vRA Software Component to automate the delivery of a Mongo NoSQL Database Cluster


  • Deploy vRealize Automation (7.2+) (vRA)
  • Configure a Centos vSphere template image that has the guest agent configured
    • Use the prepare_template.sh script to configure the linux template, available on https://vra_server:5480/installer
  • Import the MongoCluster-composite-blueprint.zip from github and import into vRA using CloudClient
    • Open CloudClient and login

    vra login userpass --server vra_server --user vra_user --password vra_password --tenant vra_tenant* vra content import --path /path/to/MongoCluster-composite-blueprint.zip

#Overview & Capabilities

  • Uses vRealize Automation to deploy a mongo cluster on 3 nodes.
  • Deploys at least 3 servers in the clusters for quorum (never 2 as we don't want a splitbrain situation)
  • Downloads & installs mongodb on the 3 nodes
  • Creates a replication set (choose a name at request time, default is "rs0")
  • Creates a shared key file for internal authentication required for the replica nodes
    • The root password is needed to automate the copying of the shared key to /etc folder
  • Creates a user against the "test" database & sets up authorization so only authenticated/authorized users can query the database.

Composite Blueprint - Mongo Cluster Screenshot

Provide mongo details Screenshot

#Authentication against the database and insert entry


mongo --port 27017 -u "admin" -p "password"

Insert Entry on the primary node:

db.foo.insert( { x: 1, y: 1 } )

#Useful Mongo Commands

Validate replication configuration via javascript command:

mongo --port 27017 -u "admin" -p "password" --eval "rs.conf()"

Validate replication status via javascipt command:

mongo --port 27017 -u "admin" -p "password" --eval "rs.status()"

Validate replication status via interactive shell:

mongo --port 27017 -u "admin" -p "password"

show users

#vRealize Automation Overview

The Software Component The single software component "Mongo-3.4" is configured to run on the mongo cluster nodes

The Composite Blueprint The composite blueprint "Mongo Cluster" is setup to deploy a minimum 3 nodes and is wired up to pass request time properties to the

For more information on configuring the VRA Blueprint see this clearascloud.com blog entry