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# Google2Piwik - exporting Google Analytics to Piwik
# @link
# @license GPL v3 or later
import urlparse
import zlib
import re
import sql
class Action(object):
def __init__(self, path, title, internal_id):
self.path = path
self.titles = [title]
self.internal_id = internal_id
self.exported = False
self.pageviews = 0
self.timeleft = 0
self.id_action_name = 0
self.id_action_url = 0
def __repr__(self):
return str(self.titles)
def get_title(self):
for title in self.titles:
if title is not None:
return title
return ""
def export(self, base_path, version):
path = urlparse.urljoin(base_path, self.path)
title = self.get_title()
url = re.sub(r'^http(s)?://(www.)?', '', path)
url_prefix = self.get_url_prefix(path)
type_url = (url, self.get_hash(url), TYPE_ACTION_URL, url_prefix)
type_name = (title, self.get_hash(title), TYPE_ACTION_NAME, None)
self.id_action_url = sql.insert_log_action(type_url, version)
self.id_action_name = sql.insert_log_action(type_name, version)
self.exported = True
def get_hash(self, value):
return zlib.crc32(value.encode('utf-8')) & 0xffffffff
def get_url_prefix(self, path):
Return a valid Piwik url_prefix for 'log_action' table
It returns one of four values:
0 if path starts with 'http://'
1 if path starts with 'http://www.'
2 if path starts with 'https://'
3 if path starts with 'https://www.'
path = urlparse.urlsplit(path)
ssl = True if path.scheme == 'https' else False
if path.netloc.startswith('www'):
return 3 if ssl else 1
return 2 if ssl else 0
class ActionManager(object):
def __init__(self):
""" self.actions will be path -> Action mapper """
self.actions = {}
self.__counter = 0
def add_action(self, path, title):
if path in self.actions:
if not title in self.actions[path].titles:
self.actions[path] = Action(path, title, self.counter_next())
def __getitem__(self, path):
if path is None:
return None
if not path in self.actions:
self.actions[path] = Action(path, None, self.counter_next())
return self.actions[path]
def counter_next(self):
self.__counter += 1
return self.__counter
def toExport(self):
""" Returns list of not yet exported actions"""
return filter(lambda x: self.actions[x].exported is False,
def export(self, base_path, version):
for action in self.toExport:
self.actions[action].export(base_path, version)