Source code for champion of micro emotion competition held on FG 2017.
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If you use these models or code in your research, please cite:

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For final evaluation


First, you should generate the crop and aligned data on test Chanllenge dataset. Just change to crop_align dir


The crop and aligned of test data(final evaluation phase data) of 224x224 will place in $ROOT/data/face_224

Then change to cnn dir, just type


It will load data preprocessed and caffe model to generate labels named predictions.txt and for test data. All details were considered.

In this repo, some directory path may be confused, just be careful, contact me if any questions occured.

The trained caffe model is just a experiement model, it may not has the best perfomance in this challenge.

Just upload to submit window then.


We use Dlib to do face and landmark detection, and use landmark to do face cropping and alignment, then we use Caffe to with landmark and cropping image to train a cnn model to do the face expression recognition task.



First, run to get all the origin image landmark, then build the crop_align binary, and run to get all the 224x224 size image.

Build crop_align

cd crop_align
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

All the preprocessed data except the images are in data dir.


Change to cnn dir, run to prepare training, validation and test data. Then run to start training.


Just run to generate the result, the input is the test image and its landmark offset info.


We use the landmark offset and image info to do this task. In detail, the landmark offset is calculated by substraction of 224x224 image landmark and each id's mean landmark, and we concact this feature to modified alexnet's last output feature. We change softmax loss to hinge loss to get a little better result.

More detail is in the fact_sheet.tex.