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• Projects

  • Clearent.Sdk - .NET Standard 2.0 library. The intent is to house the Clearent API calls, separate from any hardware logic. It’s a .NET Standard in order to be able to use it across the .NET Full, Core, and UWP Frameworks.
  • Clearent.Sdk.IDTech.VP3300 - .NET 4.6.1 library. The intent is to house logic specific to the vp3300 and references Clearent.Sdk to get jwt.
  • Clearent.Sdk.TestStandardFramework - .NET 4.6.1 windows form application. The intent is to test the sdks from a full .NET Framework application, with direct references to the other projects.
  • Clearent.Sdk.IDTech.VP3300.Demo - .NET 4.6.1 windows form application. The intent is to be a standalone application used to test the nuget packages.

• Possible changes

  • The IDTech Universal library does it’s callback in a multithreaded way. We currently raise the events directly from the callback, so if you try to modify the UI from a separate thread, it will raise an error. There is code in the demo apps that correctly handle this in the UI, but it’s kind of a pain. We could possibly pass in in a UI control to determine if the callback is on the right thread, but it would be specific to Windows Forms and may not correctly handle WPF applications. There is also an Exception event rather than standard error handling so we can be notified of errors on other threads.
  • The IDTech Universal library is static, so doesn’t require new instances to maintain connectivity to the device. Currently we should not be creating more than 1 TransactionService. We could possibly turn this into a Singleton, but I wasn’t sure of the use cases around possibly needing to change the api keys passed in.
  • I wasn’t sure what the minimum .NET version was, but believe IDTech requires at least 4.5. I was assuming this was new development so 4.6.1 would be ok.

• Nuget Packages

  • There are 2 separate nuget packages, 1 for Clearent.Sdk and one for the VP3300. The VP3300 is dependent on the Clearent.Sdk package. I can turn over ownership to both of them to whatever account you want.
  • We should review the copyright, license, etc for correctness.
  • The nuget packages are generated automatically through Visual Studio.
  • The VP3300 dlls are not automatically being included in this and I had to manually drop them into the package. I can look into this if you want me to.
  • The versions are currently set at 0.1.1 and the versions have to increase to show as updates.

• Other notes

  • HttpClient supposedly has issues if disposed of like IDisposable is supposed to be. If this is on an individual machine it likely wouldn’t hit those issues, but if the Sdk is used in a higher volume environment it would be more likely. That’s what the HttpSingleton is for.
  • The full .NET Framework doesn’t currently have a way to set the SSL protocols directly on the http client. It’s a app domain setting and so I’m not modifying it inside the sdk. In the nuget demo it’s the first line with the ServicePointManager.
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