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Make FMV patches

The Clear Linux project is currently focusing on applying FMV technology to
packages where it is detected that AVX instructions can yield an improvement.
To solve some of the issues involved with supporting FMV in a full Linux
distribution, the project provides a patch generator based on
vectorization-candidate detection (using the -fopt-info-vec flag). This tool
can provide all the FMV patches that a Linux distribution might use

Command Line Arguments

Example: perl <buildlog> <sourcecode>
    buildlog: Build of the compilation of source code in gcc using the
    ``-fopt-info-vec`` flag
    sourcecode: Absolute path to the source file from where patches will be

- Exuberant ctags:
    In order to use `` your system will need Exuberant Ctags
    (, this is due to the `--c-kinds`
    ctags' flag usage.