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[Deprecated] Typify your JavaScript functions.
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[Deprecated] Typify your JavaScript functions.

browser support


npm install typeutil --save



var typeutil = require('typeutil');

Browser (RequireJS)

<script src='require.js'></script>

    ], function (typeutil) {
        // ...

Browser (Global/Window)

<script src='build/typeutil.min.js'></script>


typeutil.typify(callback: Function, signature: string) => Function

A function signature consists of zero, one, or more parameters and a return-parameter.

([<parameter>, ...]) => <return-parameter>

Parameter and return-parameter types

Type Accepted value
any any object and any primitive except null and undefined
any? any object and any primitive
boolean a boolean primitive
boolean? a boolean primitive, null and undefined
number a number primitive
number? a number primitive, null and undefined
object any object
object? any object, null and undefined
string a string primitive
string? a string primitive, null and undefined

Parameter and return-parameter object classes

Object class Accepted value
Arguments an arguments object
Arguments? an arguments object, null and undefined
Array an array object
Array? an array object, null and undefined
Boolean a boolean object
Boolean? a boolean object, null and undefined
Date a date object
Date? a date object, null and undefined
Error an error object
Error? an error object, null and undefined
Function a function object
Function? a function object, null and undefined
Global the Global/Window object
Global? the Global/Window object, null and undefined
JSON the JSON object
JSON? the JSON object, null and undefined
Math the Math object
Math? the Math object, null and undefined
Number a number object
Number? a number object, null and undefined
Object a plain object
Object? a plain object, null and undefined
RegExp a regexp object
RegExp? a regexp object, null and undefined
String a string object
String? a string object, null and undefined

Special return-parameter type

Type Accepted value
void null and undefined

Example: log(message: string) => void

var log = typeutil.typify(function (message) {
    // ...
}, '(string) => void');

log('');            // passes arguments ['']

log();              // throws TypeError: (!>string) => void
log({});            // throws TypeError: (!>string) => void
log({}, '');        // throws TypeError: (!>string) => void
log({}, {});        // throws TypeError: (!>string) => void
log({}, null);      // throws TypeError: (!>string) => void
log({}, undefined); // throws TypeError: (!>string) => void
log(null);          // throws TypeError: (!>string) => void
log(undefined);     // throws TypeError: (!>string) => void

log('', '');        // throws TypeError: (string, !>...) => void
log('', {});        // throws TypeError: (string, !>...) => void
log('', null);      // throws TypeError: (string, !>...) => void
log('', undefined); // throws TypeError: (string, !>...) => void

Example: assert(expression: any?, message: string?) => void

var assert = typeutil.typify(function (expression, message) {
    // ...
}, '(any?, string?) => void');

assert();               // passes arguments [null, null]
assert('');             // passes arguments ['', null]
assert('', '');         // passes arguments ['', '']
assert('', null);       // passes arguments ['', null]
assert('', undefined);  // passes arguments ['', undefined]
assert({});             // passes arguments [{}, null]
assert(null);           // passes arguments [null, null]
assert(undefined);      // passes arguments [undefined, null]

assert('', {});         // throws TypeError: (any?, string?, !>...) => void

Handling of optional arguments

var readFile = typeutil.typify(function (filename, options, callback) {
    // ...
}, '(string, Object?, Function) => void');

readFile('', {}, function () {});   // passes arguments ['', {}, function () {}]
readFile('', function () {});       // passes arguments ['', null, function () {}]


var readFile = function (filename, options, callback) {
    if (typeof options === 'function') {
        callback = options;
        options = null;

    // ...

typeutil.getTypeOf(value: any?) => string

typeutil.getTypeOf();               // returns 'undefined'
typeutil.getTypeOf(false);          // returns 'boolean'
typeutil.getTypeOf(null);           // returns 'null'
typeutil.getTypeOf(0);              // returns 'number'
typeutil.getTypeOf('');             // returns 'string'
typeutil.getTypeOf(undefined);      // returns 'undefined'

typeutil.getTypeOf(arguments);      // returns 'object'
typeutil.getTypeOf([]);             // returns 'object'
typeutil.getTypeOf(new Boolean());  // returns 'object'
typeutil.getTypeOf(new Date());     // returns 'object'
typeutil.getTypeOf(new Error());    // returns 'object'
typeutil.getTypeOf(function () {}); // returns 'object'
typeutil.getTypeOf(global);         // returns 'object'
typeutil.getTypeOf(JSON);           // returns 'object'
typeutil.getTypeOf(Math);           // returns 'object'
typeutil.getTypeOf(new Number());   // returns 'object'
typeutil.getTypeOf({});             // returns 'object'
typeutil.getTypeOf(new RegExp());   // returns 'object'
typeutil.getTypeOf(new String());   // returns 'object'

typeutil.getClassOf(object: any?) => string?

typeutil.getClassOf(arguments);         // returns 'Arguments'
typeutil.getClassOf([]);                // returns 'Array'
typeutil.getClassOf(new Boolean());     // returns 'Boolean'
typeutil.getClassOf(new Date());        // returns 'Date'
typeutil.getClassOf(new Error());       // returns 'Error'
typeutil.getClassOf(function () {});    // returns 'Function'
typeutil.getClassOf(global);            // returns 'Global'
typeutil.getClassOf(JSON);              // returns 'JSON'
typeutil.getClassOf(Math);              // returns 'Math'
typeutil.getClassOf(new Number());      // returns 'Number'
typeutil.getClassOf({});                // returns 'Object'
typeutil.getClassOf(new RegExp());      // returns 'RegExp'
typeutil.getClassOf(new String());      // returns 'String'

typeutil.getClassOf();                  // returns null
typeutil.getClassOf(false);             // returns null
typeutil.getClassOf(null);              // returns null
typeutil.getClassOf(0);                 // returns null
typeutil.getClassOf('');                // returns null
typeutil.getClassOf(undefined);         // returns null any?) => boolean;                  // returns false;              // returns false;         // returns false;             // returns true;              // returns true;                 // returns true;                 // returns true'');                // returns true;         // returns true[]);                // returns true Boolean());     // returns true Date());        // returns true Error());       // returns true () {});    // returns true;            // returns true;              // returns true;              // returns true Number());      // returns true{});                // returns true RegExp());      // returns true String());      // returns true

typeutil.isInteger(number: any?) => boolean

typeutil.isInteger(-2147483648);    // returns true
typeutil.isInteger(-1);             // returns true
typeutil.isInteger(-0);             // returns true
typeutil.isInteger(0);              // returns true
typeutil.isInteger(1);              // returns true
typeutil.isInteger(2147483647);     // returns true

typeutil.isInteger(-Infinity);      // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(-2147483649);    // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(-1.1);           // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(-0.1);           // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(0.1);            // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(1.1);            // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(2147483648);     // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(Infinity);       // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(NaN);            // returns false

typeutil.isInteger();               // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(false);          // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(null);           // returns false
typeutil.isInteger('');             // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(undefined);      // returns false

typeutil.isInteger(arguments);      // returns false
typeutil.isInteger([]);             // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(new Boolean());  // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(new Date());     // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(new Error());    // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(function () {}); // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(global);         // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(JSON);           // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(Math);           // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(new Number());   // returns false
typeutil.isInteger({});             // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(new RegExp());   // returns false
typeutil.isInteger(new String());   // returns false

Running the tests

To run the test suite first install the development dependencies:

npm install

then run the tests:

npm test


Licensed under the MIT license.

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