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Find file Copy path
Find file Copy path
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Version 16.0.1 (2018-11-30)
- Default command will now add separator at end of directory paths when needed []
Version 16.0 (2018-11-24)
- Add "Copy WSL Path" command []
- Add "Copy Samba Path" command []
- Quotes can now be added only if there are spaces in the path []
- Can now use fully-qualified domain names (FQDN) when copying UNC paths []
- New option to append a separator (e.g. \ or /) at the end of directory paths []
Version 15.1 (2018-10-28)
- Allow removing separators in Settings app []
- Do not copy path unless Ctrl key is down when corresponding option is used []
- Report version in Windows' Programs and Features []
- Report errors when exporting settings []
Version 15.0 (2017-12-21)
- Ignored software updates really won't show up again after one week []
- Escape '+' character when using the Internet path command []
- Custom commands can now launch an executable with the path(s) as argument []
- It is now possible to use a command automatically when Ctrl is held down when contextual menu is shown []
Version 14.0.1 (2017-09-23)
- Restore compatibility with Windows XP []
Version 14.0 (2017-07-14)
- New UI to select which command are included in main menu/submenu, a little like it was in 12.0.
- Settings window now remembers its size and position. It can also be resized. []
- Project moved to GitHub because of planned CodePlex shutdown.
Version 13.0.1 (2016-10-12)
- Copying short/long name now works properly on drives and copies the drive label (e.g., C:). []
- Clicking on the Icon column header in the Settings application will no longer cause a crash. []
- New version to get rid of a false positive virus identification. []
Version 13.0 (2016-10-05)
- Commands can now be freely added/removed/reordered, both in the main contextual menu and in Path Copy Copy's submenu (including separators).
[] []
- New setting to copy multiple paths on the same line. Also available for custom commands. []
- New setting to encode only whitespace instead of all invalid URI characters. Also available for custom commands. []
- New button in Settings app to export user settings in a .reg file. []
- "Drop redundant words" no longer applies to commands in the main contextual menu. []
- "Drop redundant words" no longer applies to custom commands. []
- "Drop redundact words" no longer applies to COM-based commands.
- Many fixes to the Portable version.
Version 12.0 (2015-02-22)
- Now available as a portable Installer that will install Path Copy Copy for the current user only. []
- Now available as a Windows Installer (.msi) package. The MSI package installs silently in the default location, with commands fit for network environments and disabled update checks. []
- Added an option to surround copied paths with < and > to create e-mail links. This is also available for custom commands. []
- Custom commands must now have a non-empty name. []
- Custom commands now have a "required version" when exported. This will prevent custom commands using features of new versions from being imported by old versions of Path Copy Copy.
- Importing custom commands and then deselecting all custom commands in the import dialog could cause crashes in the Settings application.
- New custom command option to encode characters in paths that are invalid in URIs. []
- New Path Copy Copy icon []
- New option to display previews instead of descriptions in the submenu. []
- Settings application now displays previews of selected commands. []
- New option to drop redundant words from command descriptions in the submenu. []
- Each command can now display its own icon in the contextual submenu. Icons can be edited in the Settings application. []
- Installer will now offer to install .NET Framework 2.0 on Windows XP if it's not already available. []
- Installer will now offer to turn on the ".NET Framework 3.5" feature on Windows 8 or later (and Windows Server 2012 or later) if it's not already on. []
- Software updates now have a minimum Windows version, in case we need to drop support for older versions of Windows one day.
- COM-based commands were not accessible when called through the command-line via rundll32. This has been fixed.
- Custom commands that used a non-standard base command did not work properly when called through the command-line via rundll32. This has been fixed.
- Copying Internet paths that ended in a whitespace followed by exactly one character would drop the last character. This has been fixed. []
- Copying paths should now work for network shares when part of the path is inaccessible due to permissions. []
- Sample projects have been converted to Visual Studio 2013 format. They are compatible with the Visual Studio 2013 Community edition.
Version 11.1 (2013-07-29)
- An icon is now included next to the submenu's contextual menu entry. It can be disabled through the Settings application. []
- Added a reference to the JavaScript regular expression syntax in the Settings application []
Version 11.0.2 (2013-03-17)
- Fixed bug that could result in frozen Windows Explorer when using Find/Replace in custom commands []
- Setup will now notify user of running applications that are using files being installed (like Windows Explorer) and offer to close those applications during installation.
Version 11.0.1 (2012-08-18)
- Selecting "Use hidden shares" will correctly use hidden drive shares for all local files, even those not listed in the registry []
Version 11.0 (2012-08-02)
- Added a "Check for update" mechanism. By default, will poll for updates once a week. Can be disabled in the Settings application. []
- Added an "About" tab in the Settings application []
- Fixed bug that prevented paths from being copied when selecting more than 16 files []
Version 10.1 (2012-04-08)
- Can now properly select no custom commands for the main contextual menu []
- Right-clicking on a folder in the left folder pane won't show two sets of menu item options []
- Added icon in the Start menu to launch the Settings application []
Version 10.0.1 (2012-03-05)
- Fixed UNC-based commands not being enabled for UNC shares []
Version 10.0 (2012-03-04)
- Added way of invoking a specific command directly []
- Corrected casing of cygwin drive letters for the Cygwin Path command [ - thanks to JohnPeterson)
- Right-clicking in a directory's background in Windows Explorer will now show the Path Copy Copy commands for the directory [ - thanks to JohnPeterson)
- Custom commands can now use regular expressions to perform Find/Replace operations []
- It is now possible to export and import custom commands through the Settings app, allowing easy sharing of custom commands []
Version 9.2.2 (2012-02-17)
- Fixed display issue on Windows versions using Medium or Large fonts []
Version 9.2.1 (2012-02-14)
- Fixed bug that could prevent users from being able to save settings []
Version 9.2 (2012-02-05)
- Custom commands will now correctly show up grayed in appropriate circumstances []
- Refactored the disabled/default commands paradigm to allow greater flexibility in what goes in which menu []
- Modifying custom commands in the Settings application should no longer cause changes in other lists to be lost
Version 9.1.1 (2012-01-14)
- Custom commands will now execute their Find/Replace work before changing slashes, if applicable []
Version 9.1 (2011-12-24)
- Installer now allows user to preconfigure enabled commands []
- The "Disabled Commands" page in the Settings has been renamed to "Enabled Commands" []
Version 9.0 (2011-12-11)
- Added support for custom plugins configured by the user [
Version 8.0.1 (2011-12-03)
- Fixed registration of user-created plugins that was broken in 7.0.
Version 8.0 (2011-10-26)
- Refactored the UI to better explain its purpose and add new options
- Added an option to quote paths []
- Added an option to use hidden shares for UNC plugins; this allows the use of administrative shares as well []
- Added an option to choose what the default plugin is (the plugin shown in the main contextual menu) []
- Re-added the option not to show the submenu
- Settings can now be defined globally or just for the user; this allows admins to pre-configure some options [
- Administrator can now disable the editing of settings for each user [
Version 7.0.1 (2011-10-09)
- Fixed a bug that prevented the "Settings" dialog from working on some systems []
Version 7.0 (2011-10-03)
- Changed the window that is used to choose which plugins to display. The new version
should be more compatible with recent Windows versions and offers the same functionality.
Version 6.0 (2011-06-10)
- Added an item in the contextual sub-menu that opens a window to choose which plugins to display.
This choice is per-user. [
Version 5.0 (2011-06-03)
- Plugins will now be properly reloaded when new ones are added or when some are removed.
- PathCopyCopy should now correctly show up in the contextual menu even on systems with thighter shell security.
- Added a plugin to copy the path in UNIX-like format (with slashes instead of backslashes) [
- Added a plugin to copy the path in Cygwin format [
- Removed the "Always show entire menu" item. Now, a default entry will always show up in the main contextual
menu (to copy the long path). The other plugins will always be there in a submenu.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the plugins' help text to show up in the status bar.
- Added a plugin to copy the short UNC path of a file []
- Added plugins to copy a file's parent folder path in short or long format []
- Added plugins to copy a file's parent folder UNC path in short or long format []
- Plugins that return a UNC path will be grayed-out in the contextual menu if no share is detected []
Version 4.0 (2011-05-21)
- Updated the COM-based plugin API a bit.
See for more details.
- Fixed Internet path plugin to produce a more "internet-like" path [
- Ignore hidden shares when looking for shares in the UNC path plugin []
Version 3.0 (2011-03-02)
- Added support for user-created COM-based plugins.
See the Samples directory in the installation folder for a sample Visual Studio project.
Also see for more details.
- Fixed copying paths of multiple files/folders to always output them on different lines [
- Fixed use of Path Copy Copy for users other than the user that installed the program [].
Version 2.1 (2010-01-09)
- Added a plugin to copy the Internet path of a file/folder (file://path\to\file).
Version 2.0 (2009-06-26)
- Added a plugin to copy the UNC (network share) path of a file/folder.
- Added an option to only show a single plugin (Copy Long Path) in the contextual menu.
The entire submenu is then shown only in the extended menu (hold down SHIFT while right-clicking to see it).
Version 1.0 (2008-11-11)
Initial release.
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