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2dx-records is a Java application developed in 2008 that extracts play records from CS Beatmania IIDX save files. You can extract records from IIDX RED, HAPPY SKY, DistorteD, and GOLD. Currently there's no plan to expand the list of supported versions, as the author is not interested in this app anymore.

Java 6 or higher is required to run this app.

Visit my blog to view web pages created with this app.

How to Use

Disclaimer: This app is not easy to use because it was written when the author did not know what a good application should be.

First, you need a save file in PSU format containing records to be extracted. There are a number of ways to get it from your PlayStation 2 memory card. For example, you can use Max Drive to get a .max file and PS2MemConv to convert it to a .psu file. If you just want to try the app, there are the author's save files in test/name/lemonedo/iidx/record/resource folder.

To build and run the app, you need Java 6 or higher and Apache Ant. Type ant release-files to get an executable JAR file in releases folder. Doubleclick the JAR file to run (Ignore the error message saying BrowserLauncher2.jar is not found; something is broken but it does not affect the core functionality of the app).

In the app, you can select a save file and export records as HTML (In retrospect, if you should choose only one format, it should be JSON, XML, or even CSV but absolutely not HTML, though it can be one of many formats. What was the author thinking??). Finally, to view image files in the exported HTML page, copy the images in img folder to the folder where the HTML page is.

Now you can open the page with your web browser. In the HTML page, click a column header to sort records by that column.