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Simple line-oriented socket broadcast server
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Turn any command line program into a simple broadcast server.

What it does

broadcat is a simple tool for broadcasting lines of text to clients. It binds to a TCP socket, accepts incoming connections, and listens on standard input, or to standard output of a subprocess. When it receives a line, it sends it to all connected clients. When a new client connects, broadcat sends it the most recent line that it received. When no clients are connected, broadcat sends the subprocess a STOP signal so it doesn't do needless computation, and then when a client connects, it sends a CONT signal so the subprocess can resume.




./broadcat [port] [command...]


A clock server:

./broadcat 9999 bash -c 'while date; do sleep 1; done'

To connect to the server, use netcat or telnet:

$ nc localhost 9999
Thu Jan 23 00:30:09 EST 2014
Thu Jan 23 00:30:10 EST 2014
Thu Jan 23 00:30:11 EST 2014
Thu Jan 23 00:30:12 EST 2014


If you think of something cool to do with broadcat, or find a way to improve it, or if you use it in a project that you want to be mentioned here, feel free to make a pull request with the change.


MIT License

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