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A transparent buffer implementation for C
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Lightweight buffer library


buf.c lets you use regular pointers as expandable buffers. It uses an approach, inspired by sds, of storing metadata before the pointer value.


Declare a buffer by declaring a pointer to an item type. For example, a char * can be a buffer, or a struct foo *. Below, TYPE stands for the type that you declared for the buffer.

Initialize an empty buffer by setting it to NULL.

void buf_truncate(TYPE *);

Set the length of the buffer to zero, but don't free the buffer's memory.

void buf_free(TYPE **);

Release allocated memory for the buffer, and mark it as empty buffer (set to NULL).

size_t buf_len(TYPE *);

Get the length of the data in the buffer.

bool buf_alloc(TYPE **, size_t size);

Ensure that the buffer has enough space for some data. Return true for success, false for failure.

bool buf_put(TYPE **, const void *data, size_t size);

Put some data in the buffer. Return true on success, false on failure.

bool buf_append(TYPE **, const void *data, size_t size);

Write the given data at the end of the buffer, expanding the buffer if necessary. Return true on success, false on failure.

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