Decentralized git repo hosting and issue tracking on secure-scuttlebutt (SSB).
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Git repos on secure-scuttlebutt (SSB).

This package includes:

  • A command line tool git-ssb for managing SSB git repos
  • A git remote helper git-remote-ssb for using ssb:// URLs with git
  • A web server git-ssb-web for browsing repos locally


npm install -g git-ssb


You can use a ssb:// remote like any other git remote. A repo on SSB is identified by a message ID. To create a new git repo on SSB, use the command git ssb create. You can only push to SSB git repos that you created, not ones created by other users.


Publish an existing repo to SSB:

cd repo
git ssb create ssb my-cool-repo
git push --tags ssb master

Clone a repo from SSB:

git clone ssb://<msgId> repo

Fork a git-ssb repo you have already cloned:

cd repo
git ssb fork mine
# edit and commit, then push changes:
git push mine

Run the web server for browsing repos:

git ssb web


As with patchwork, git-ssb reads the ssb_appname environment variable when deciding what scuttlebot instance to connect to. git-ssb also uses git's config to get the appname if the environment variable is not set. To make it so a repo only gets used in your testing environment, you can configure the repo as follows:

git config ssb.app_name test


Copyright (c) 2016 Charles Lehner

Usage of the works is permitted provided that this instrument is retained with the works, so that any entity that uses the works is notified of this instrument.