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i3status multiplexer for i3bar
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i3bar-mux is a tool for multiplexing status commands into i3bar. It allows you to combine multiple i3status commands into one output to i3bar.


  • No package installation required. Depends only on Perl.
  • UNIXy philosophy of individual commands for different status items.
  • Agnostic to language the commands are implemented in.
  • Supports click events.


i3bar-mux [commands]


i3bar-mux -c [config]

where commands is a list of commands, or config is a file with a list of commands (and comments).

When run, i3bar-mux will execute each command it is given, which should be long-running. It will combine the output streams of each command into an i3bar-format stream, and pass through click events from i3bar to the commands as well, if they support it. The output format of the commands is expected to be either i3bar format or a plain-text line-by-line stream.

Credits & Links

Inspired by py3status and i3pystatus.

Much thanks to the creators of the i3 window manager and i3status.

See also i3cat which implements a similar idea as i3bar-mux, in Go, with more features.


Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Charles Lehner

MIT License

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