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Javascript mocking framework inspired by the awesome mockito
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JsMockito is a JavaScript stub/mock framework heavily inspired by Mockito. To quote the mockito website:

"Mockito is a mocking framework that tastes really good. It lets you write beautiful tests with a clean & simple API. Mockito doesn't give you a hangover because the tests are very readable and they produce clean verification errors."

JsMockito aims to try and reproduce the clean & simple API, with a JavaScript twist. And why not add some variation to your drinking habits?

What do you serve it with?

JsMockito must be served with JsHamcrest. Not only do they go well together, it's essential to avoid a very nasty hangover. Get JsHamcrest from here:

How to drink it?

To use JsMockito with a JavaScript unit test framework, follow the usual installation/configuration instructions for the framework and plug JsMockito into it. If you're integrating with Screw.Unit (and why wouldn't you?) then you just need to make the following calls:


Once installed, you can verify with interactions:

var mockedObject = mock(Array);

// -- start code under test --
// -- end code under test --


Or you can stub method calls:

var mockedObject = mock(Array);

when(mockedObject).get(1).thenReturn("hello world");

// -- start code under test --

// the following alerts 'true' as get(99) was not stubbed
alert(typeof (mockedObject.get(99)) === 'undefined');
// -- end code under test --

For a JavaScript twist, you can also mock functions:

mockFunc = mockFunction();
when(mockFunc)(anything()).then(function(arg) {
  return "foo " + arg;

// -- start code under test --
// -- end code under test --


// or if you want to verify the scope it was called with, use:
verify(mockFunc).call(this, anything())

Mockitos are also good for spys

Real super spies don't drink martinis - they go for mockitos. And just like Mockito, JsMockito supports 'spying' (e.g. partial mocking) on real functions and objects and verifing how they were interacted with.

An example with functions:

realFunc = function(msg) { alert(msg) };
mockFunc = spy(realFunc);

// -- start code under test --
// the following alerts 'hello world'
mockFunc("hello world");
// -- end code under test --

verify(mockFunc)("hello world");

or with objects:

realObj = new Array();
mockedObj = spy(realObj);


// -- start code under test --
alert(realObj.length); // alerts '1'

alert(mockedObject.pop()); // alerts 'bar'
alert(realObj.length); // still alerts '1'
// -- end code under test --


For more examples and documentation, run 'ant doc' and then look in the doc directory.

Who is your bartender?

This variation is served to you by Chris Leishman and friends. Also a big thank you to the mockito guys for the inspiration!

Also thanks to the JsHamcrest authors, who made this easy.

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