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Commits on Oct 10, 2012
  1. Don't use : as an invalid cookie character

    Since has been resolved in favour of
    the colon in cookie names, we need to test invalid cookie removal using
    a different character. "@" is still considered invalid by all sources.
  2. @claudep

    Fixed error output from runserver

    claudep authored
    This has been missed in commit 822d6d6 (Refs #18325).
  3. @ptone
  4. @akaariai

    Removed some uses of F() expression & and |

    akaariai authored
    Refs #16211
  5. @jbronn
Commits on Oct 9, 2012
  1. @manfre @akaariai
  2. @akaariai

    Moved F() '&' and '|' to .bitand() and .bitor()

    akaariai authored
    Done for consistency with Q() expressions and QuerySet combining. This
    will allow usage of '&' and '|' as boolean logical operators in the
    future. Refs #16211.
  3. @akaariai

    Revert "Fixed #16211 -- Added comparison and negation ops to F() expr…

    akaariai authored
    This reverts commit 28abf5f.
  4. @akaariai
  5. @manfre @akaariai

    Fixed #19096 -- Made can_return_id_from_insert more extendable

    manfre authored akaariai committed
    RETURNING is an extension of the SQL standard, which is not implemented
    the same by all databases. Allow DatabaseOperations.return_insert_id to
    return a None to allow for other 3rd party backends with a different
  6. @claudep

    Fixed test failure after IDN domain validation fix

    claudep authored
    Refs #17867.
    The address in test_email_regexp_for_performance used to take forever
    (security issue), then was supposed to fail after the fix (commit 9f8287a).
    Now we are less strict with domain validation, due to new IDN domains,
    hence the validation of this address pass now.
  7. @aaugustin

    Fix exception message from 3190abc. Refs #18153.

    aaugustin authored
    Thanks Preston Holmes.
  8. @aaugustin

    Fixed #18153 -- Reverse OneToOne lookups on unsaved instances.

    aaugustin authored
    Thanks David Hatch and Anssi Kääriäinen for their inputs.
  9. @aaugustin
  10. @claudep

    Fixed #17867 -- Made email validation pass with IDN domains

    claudep authored
    Thanks Pierre Matri for the report and the initial patch.
  11. @claudep
  12. @claudep
Commits on Oct 8, 2012
  1. @claudep

    Use smarter string decoding in GeoDjango

    claudep authored
    The first try to solve the Python 3 GIS encoding/decoding issue
    was too naive. Using decode() on all read strings is bound to fail
    as soon as a non-ascii string is concerned.
    This patch is a little more clever, leaving ascii decoding when
    plain ascii strings are expected, and allowing to specify a custom
    encoding in DataSource hierarchy.
  2. @akaariai

    Fixed #19087 -- Ensured query's base table is never LOUTER joined

    akaariai authored
    This fixes a regression created by join promotion logic refactoring:
    Thanks to Ivan Virabyan for the report.
  3. @claudep
  4. @jbronn
  5. @jbronn
  6. @jbronn

    GDAL docstring tweaks.

    jbronn authored
Commits on Oct 7, 2012
  1. @ramiro
  2. @claudep

    Used pkgutil to get list of backend modules

    claudep authored
    Refs #18827.
  3. @claudep

    Fixed #18640 -- Allowed access to GDAL Feature without Datasource

    claudep authored
    Thanks Justin Bronn for improving my initial patch.
  4. @ramiro

    Removed ad-hoc support for usage of short names of built-in DB backends.

    ramiro authored
    This non-standard naming was deprecated in Django 1.2.
Commits on Oct 6, 2012
  1. @ramiro
  2. @ramiro
  3. @ramiro
  4. @jbronn

    Use native geometry types on PostGIS 2.0+ instead of `AddGeometryColu…

    jbronn authored
    …mn` and don't query database in `PostGISCreation.sql_table_creation_suffix`.
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