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Grav adsense Plugin

The Adsense plugin for Grav introduces integration of Adsense blocs for your modular page and your page content.

Table of Contents:


AdSense is a plugin for Grav that let you add Adsense blocs to some place in your modular page and/or page content.

Screenshot adsense Plugin

For modular page, plugin allow user to define default horizontal, vertical or square Ad.

For page content, plugin allow user to define a list of Adsense blocs and integrate it through Shortcode.

The following kinds of Adsense are compatible:


Installing the Adsense plugin can be done in one of two way: GPM (Grav Package Manager) installation method enables you to quickly and easily install the plugin with a simple terminal command, while the manual method enables you to do so via a zip file or GIT.

GPM Installation (Preferred)

The simplest way to install this plugin is via the Grav Package Manager (GPM through your system's Terminal (also called the command line). From the root of your Grav install type:

$ bin/gpm install adsense

This will install the Adsense plugin into your /user/plugins directory within Grav. Its files can be found under user/plugins/adsense.

Manual Installation (Download)

To install this plugin, just download the zip version of this repository and unzip it under:



Configuration can be done by the Admin Panel or by the configuration file adsense.yaml into your users/config/plugins/ folder:

# Global plugin configurations

enabled: true             # Set to false to disable this plugin completely
sandbox: false            # Enables a demo mode for local purpose
built_in_css: true        # Use the default plugin CSS
add_editor_button: true   # Add an Adsense button to Admin panel in order to add Adsense tag template
use_auto_ads: false       # Use Auto Ads in page (new feature of Google Adsense)

# Default configurations for AdSense

    mode: "async"        # Code integration mode (either "async" or "sync")
    position: "center"   # Ad position in page (either "center", "left" or "right")
    auto_ads_client: ""     # Auto Ads client ID (like ca-pub-0000000000000000)
    auto_ads_filter:        # Filter of URN pages used to load Auto Ads. Nothing means All pages (Non filtered)
      - blog
      - portfolio
  page_ads:              # Ad blocs for page content
    -                    # List of ad blocs
      id: unique-id                         # Unique Id for the Ad
      client: ""                            # AdSense client (like ca-pub-0000000000000000)
      slot: 0000000000                      # AdSense slot
      type: inarticle                       # Adsense type (either "inarticle" or "normal")
      width: 468                            # Adsense width
      height: 60                            # Adsense height

  modular_ads:          # Ad blocs for modular page (as default)
    horizontal:         # For Horizontal Ad
      client: ""                            # AdSense client (like ca-pub-0000000000000000)
      slot: 0000000000                      # AdSense slot
      width: 728                            # Adsense width
      height: 90                            # Adsense height
    vertical:         # For Vertical Ad
      client: ""                            # AdSense client (like ca-pub-0000000000000000)
      slot: 0000000000                      # AdSense slot
      width: 200                            # Adsense width
      height: 600                           # Adsense height
    square:         # For Square Ad
      client: ""                            # AdSense client (like ca-pub-0000000000000000)
      slot: 0000000000                      # AdSense slot
      width: 300                            # Adsense width
      height: 300                           # Adsense height


There are many ways to use Adsense plugin.

Auto Ads

Auto Ads is a new feature of Google Adsense. More informations are available here:

To use Auto Ads in Adsense plugin, you just configure use_auto_ads to true and adsense.options.auto_ads_client to your Auto Ads client ID.

To add filtered URN items for Auto Ads treatment, please add items in parameter adsense.options.auto_ads_filter.
When nothing is set, all pages load Auto Ads.
When an item is set, URN with this item load Auto Ads.
When a filter is set and you want to load Auto Ads for URN / ressource, please add the key hometo filter list.

By Shortcode

Using Shortcode allow user to integrate Adsense bloc in page content. There are 2 ways:

  • Using unique ID
[adsense id="my-id"][/adsense]

It look for the adsense bloc with unique ID id in the configuration list page_ads and display the Ad.

  • Using specific Adsense informations
[adsense client="adsense-client" slot="adsense-slot" width="adsense-width" height="adsense-height" type="adsense-type"][/adsense]

It display the Ad with the tag informations.
type can be :

  • inarticle for InArticle Ad
  • normal or without value for Graphic and Text Ad

In case of InArticle Ad, width and height is not mandatory.

"Unique ID" have priority on "specific Adsense informations".

The optional parameter [class] can be added to the tag.

By modular integration

There are 2 ways for integration of this plugin using modular method:

  • Using default configuration: User have possibility to modify and change Ad configuration through Admin panel.
  • Using fixed configuration: User shall modify the modular page template to update Ad informations.

Default configuration

Modular integration using default configuration allow user to add default Ad in theming of Grav website reachable from Admin Panel. User have possibility to choose among 3 kinds of Ad:

  • The Horizontal Ad

This way display an Ad in horizontal format by adding the following lines in your theme skeleton:

{% include 'partials/adsense-horizontal.html.twig' %}

Render demo:
Grav adsense Plugin in Horizontal

  • The Vertical Ad

This way display an Ad in vertical format by adding the following lines in your theme skeleton:

{% include 'partials/adsense-vertical.html.twig' %}

Render demo:
Grav adsense Plugin in Vertical

  • The Square Ad

This way display an Ad in square format by adding the following lines in your theme skeleton:

{% include 'partials/adsense-square.html.twig' %}

Render demo:
Grav adsense Plugin in Square

Fixed configuration

Modular integration using fixed configuration allow user to add a bloc Ad in template of modular page. The following code is used:

{% set adsense_client   = "ca-pub-0000000000000000" %}
{% set adsense_slot     = "0000000000" %}
{% set adsense_width    = "721" %}
{% set adsense_height   = "90" %}

{% include 'partials/adsense.html.twig' %}

Migration from 1.x to 2.x

Migration is simple: rename the file user/config/plugins/adsense2.yaml to user/config/plugins/adsense.yaml, or redo your plugin configuration.


You can contribute at any time but before opening any issue, please search for existing issues.

After that please note:

  • If you find a bug, would like to make a feature request or suggest an improvement, please open a new issue. If you have any interesting ideas for additions to the syntax please do suggest them as well!
  • Feature requests are more likely to get attention if you include a clearly described use case.
  • Add images/links/etc so I can help you faster




Copyright (c) 2019 clemdesign.

For use under the terms of the MIT license.