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Initial stab at multiline po.

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clemens-tolboom committed May 8, 2012
1 parent 657c48d commit 69b7d25142beff34e9452e6613b221c511bd2a49

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commented on 69b7d25 May 9, 2012

(This patch is mostly intended as a discussion)

This is a contrib back from Drupal to make PO file parsing better and hopefully use the translation component within Drupal into the near future.

It delivers:

  • Reading PO Headers
  • Multi-line source / translation

It currently has coding style 'problems' as part of the code is copied verbatim from Drupal to make sure those keep in sync for now.

  • this will be fixed within the next commit as that is bogus :p

Problems from a Drupal perspective are:

  • loading large PO files (or slow servers) are handled by a browser oriented batch interface. Can we do that within the Symfony framework?
  • The loaded PO files (or messages) are editable on a Drupal site. I'm not sure how a Symfony workflow could support this right now.
    This patch has an 'almost verbatim' copy of which is a patch in progress.
  • so code style in not ok (but that code needs to be kept in sync with the progress on Drupal patch)

The POLoader produces a parser log of errors for which there is no way to read.

  • Is that only Gettext PO problem or also ie MO and other resources?

It still needs a test for parsing a header successfully.

The header info is not used anywhere within the system.

  • That sounds bad as the header contains credentials about the translation team.
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