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TensorFlow.js workshop
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TensorFlow.js workshop


Getting started

Before you can begin with the workshop, you must first install all dependencies. Afterwards you can start the initial version of the BreakOut game, without any TensorFlow.js dependencies. You can do this by executing the following commands in your terminal:

npm install
npm start

This command should open the application using your default browser. Otherwise, just open http://localhost:4200.


  • There are some issues with WebCam on Safari 12, so we recommend using Chrome or FireFox on MacOS.
  • The application depends on Parcel Bundler, so any changes on the source code will be visible after a refresh of your browser.


All instructions for the workshop can be found in the docs directory.


For this workshop we have used the TensorFlow.js examples and Mozilla game development tutorials as a starting point. Feel free to check them out using the links below.

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