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Clone the git repository

$ git clone

Install composer dependencies

$ cd uml-generator-php
$ composer install

And install graphviz with your distro's package manager or from git. uml-generator-php requires graphviz versions later than 15 September 2013 (See issue #16)

Old graphviz versions

Some linux distributions (like debian and centos) have very old versions of graphviz. For these situations a --legacy switch is added to generate:dot. With this switch the output can be rendered with graphviz 2.26.3 (2010.01.26.1600)

List of distro versions:

Distro Release Version
Debian wheezy 2.26
Debian jessie 2.26
Debian sid 2.38
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 2.26
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 2.36
Centos 6 2.26
Archlinux rolling 2.38


Parse PHP into json

To parse your source tree for Classes, Interfaces and Traits run

$ bin/uml-generator-php generate:json /Users/clemens/Sites/drupal/d8/www tests/output

To exclude directories or files you can use the --skip parameter (use it multiple times to exclude more directories or files) The path provided to --skip should be a path relative to the input directory.

To generate only the json files for a subdirectory set the input to your project root like normal and use the --only flag to set a directory relative to the input to scan. The --only flag can be used multiple times to generate json for more directories or files.

Generate DOT files

Next generate their dot files by running

$ bin/uml-generator-php generate:dot --documenter drupal tests/output

You may notice the 'Not found: '. For more info see #50

Generate SVG files

find tests/output -type f -name "*.dot" -exec dot -Tsvg -O {} \;

Run from config file

Uml-generator-php supports running from a config file in your project root. Create the file .uml-generator-php.yml in your project root with the contents:

# Required
outputdir: tests/output  # The output directory relative to the project root

# Optional
    enabled: true  # Include parents classes, interfaces and traits in svg output (default false)
    depth: 10  # Add max 10 parents of depth per SVG file (default PHP_MAX_INT)

    - tests  # Skip the tests directory in your project root
    - src/commands  # Only parse the files in src/commands
legacy: true  # Enable legacy output for graphiz 2.28 (default false)

After creating the config file run uml-generator-php anywhere in your project:

$ uml-generator-php run