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Steam Demo Application

This is a demo application for Steam. Steam is a headless integration testing tool driving HtmlUnit to enable testing JavaScript-driven web sites.


Just install the Steam gem and clone this repo:

gem install steam # should install Locator and RJB, too
git clone git://

If you are on Mac OS X and/or get an error saying that “JAVA_HOME is not set” then you need to export the JAVA_HOME variable for RJB. (See here for two solutions: Installing RJB on Mac OS X. The visudo way worked for us. Don’t forget to add yourself to the sudoers file, though.)


Then create the database and start a server using the test environment:

cd steam-demo
rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=test
script/server -e test

Now you can try the application in your browser:

open http://localhost:3000

And you can run the cucumber features in another terminal (leaving the server running in the first terminal, obviously you could also detach the server if you want):

cucumber features/*.feature

This will give you an output like this: Steam Demo App Cucumber Output