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This is the first release of the ZodiacGraph project to the public, hence it is named after the first zodiac sign.

The code should be reasonably bug-free and all features work as outlined in the documentation.
The current version is currently employed in 2 separate applications and has proven to be stable so far - enough so to warrant a confident 1.0 status.

Attached to the release is a pre-built binary of the showcase application for Windows to allow users to toy with the GUI without having to build it from source first.

File checksums:

File md5 sha256 f9bc2af851652cf53690fdcbfa76d3d8 fd39d937f440f89d880dbc4270dadd313960e42001577136a8f24c9882c95933 129eddeebe351b7661161da1b17c76c7 adfda8cbeb2e724880d0e1c1eabf84cbdc8fb5cb678289b5ea5d2eacf41cde9c

Hope you enjoy it!