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@amuttsch amuttsch released this Dec 22, 2013 · 490 commits to master since this release

Version 8.5
- Library: Search applies for artist, album and title now
- Show proper error message when library loading fails
- Database integrity check for all andorid versions
- Fix crash on start
- Fix crash when downloaded library is corrupted
- Fix crash in download view
- Fix disappearing playlist view on tablets.

Version 8.4
- Call isDatabaseIntegrityOk only when available
- Fix crash in Playlist (again)

Version 8.3
- Fixed crash on tablets.
- Fix crash in playlist.

Version 8.2
- Updated project URL to new GitHub repository
- Updated polish translation
- Fix notificaion was not opening app on KITKAT
- Fix crash when searching on empty library
- Fix crash on tablets when returning to player from another menu
- Fix rare crash when connecting to Clementine
- Fix crash in playlists
- Check if multicast lock is held before releasing it.
- Fix crash in donate menu on devices without google apps.

Version 8.1
- Fix orientation change when downloading library.
- Fix illigalStateExeption when commiting fragment.
- Cancel download if we got an IO error when parsing protocol buffer.
- Fix crash when using back button on empty library.
- Fix nullpointer when destroying service.
- Delete unavailable songs. Fixes issue 31.
- Fix nullpointer when we got invalid data.
- Fix database leak in library fragment when disconnecting.

Version 8
- Huge design rework, using navigation drawer on the left!
- Library browsing added
- Download list
- Rate songs
- Added song information section
- Added donate section
- PlayPause, Next Button in notification (expand to see them)
- Remove songs from playlist
- Add songs from library
- New icons
- Downloads are not canceled anymore when clicking the download notification
- Open last downloaded song with music player
- Show [s] when listening to a internet stream
- Ability to quit the app directly instead of disconnecting first
- Added animation when changing menu
- Various performance improvements
- Added XXHDPI icon resolution
- Compiled against Android 4.4 KITKAT
- Fix crash when downloading songs on Android 4.4
- Fix crash in settings dialog
- Fix trackupdate when listening to internetradio

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