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🍊 Clementine Music Player
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jbroadus and hatstand Fix crash when searching playlist.
While iterating over expandList in refreshExpanded, calls to setExpanded cause
the list to be appended. Since QList uses an array implementation that must
reallocate when reserved space is exhausted, iterators are unsafe for this case.
Use indexes, which are O(1) in QLists, instead of iterators.
Latest commit 90cf498 Feb 24, 2020


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.circleci Remove unsupported distros Jan 30, 2020
.github Add a template for issues Mar 11, 2016
3rdparty Remove executable flags from source files. Jan 31, 2020
bin Add an empty bin directory Oct 4, 2013
cmake 1.4 rc1 Jan 2, 2020
data Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into qt5 Oct 4, 2019
debian Qt 5 fixes Nov 21, 2018
dist Add mac style plugin Jan 13, 2020
ext Add a logging category to log all network requests. Feb 13, 2020
gst/moodbar Fix cmake with Qt 5.11_beta3 (dropping qt5_use_modules) Apr 15, 2018
snap Fix and update snap Nov 16, 2019
src Fix crash when searching playlist. Feb 24, 2020
tests Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into qt5 Oct 4, 2019
.gcloudignore Cloud builder for transifex pull Sep 17, 2018
.gitignore Try building installer Nov 14, 2019
CMakeLists.txt Add project to CMakeLists Jan 4, 2020
COPYING Add license headers to all our source files Mar 23, 2010
Changelog Remove Amazon support from Changelog for now. Jan 14, 2016 translated to turkish Nov 6, 2017 Remove reference to buildbot Dec 16, 2019
Toolchain-mingw32.cmake Add circleci mingw builder Nov 14, 2019 Install .desktop file and icon. Also add an "uninstall" target. Mar 4, 2010

Clementine CircleCI

Clementine is a modern music player and library organizer for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Opening an issue

Ask for a new feature


  • Check if the new feature is not already implemented (Changelog)
  • Check if another person didn't already open an issue
  • If there is already an opened issue there is no need to comment "+1", it won't help. Instead, you can subscribe to the issue to be notified of anything new about it

Report a bug


  • Try the latest developer build ( to see if any bug is still present (Attention, those builds aren't stable so they might not work well and could sometimes break things like user settings). If it works fine even though you see an open issue, please comment on it and explain that the issue has been fixed
  • Check if another person has already opened the same issue to avoid duplicates
  • If there already is an open issue you could comment on it to add precisions about the problem or confirm it
  • In case there isn't, you can open a new issue with an explicit title and as much information as possible (OS, Clementine version, how to reproduce the problem...)
  • Please use for logs/debug

If there are no answers, it doesn't mean we don't care about your feature request/bug. It just means we can't reproduce the bug or haven't had time to implement it :o)

Compiling from source

Get the code (if you haven't already):

git clone && cd Clementine

Compile and install:

cd bin
cmake ..
make -j8
sudo make install

See the Wiki for more instructions and a list of dependencies:

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