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A customizable cross-platform graphical process/system monitor for the terminal.
Supports Linux, macOS, and Windows. Inspired by gtop, gotop, and htop.

CI status link Stable documentation Nightly documentation

Quick demo recording showing off bottom's searching, expanding, and process killing.

Demo GIF using the Gruvbox theme (--color gruvbox), along with IBM Plex Mono and Kitty

Table of contents


As (yet another) process/system visualization and management application, bottom supports the typical features:

You can find more details in the documentation.



bottom officially supports the following operating systems and corresponding architectures:

  • macOS (x86_64)
  • Linux (x86_64, i686, aarch64)
  • Windows (x86_64, i686)

These platforms are tested to work for the most part and issues on these platforms will be fixed if possible. Furthermore, binaries are expected to be built and tested using the most recent version of stable Rust.

For more details on supported platforms and known problems, check out the documentation.


bottom may work on a number of platforms that aren't officially supported - these platforms may not be properly tested by maintainers prior to a stable release, or may receive more limited support, or missing features/problems that may not be fixed. Some of these may eventually be officially supported (e.g., FreeBSD, M1 macOS devices).

A non-comprehensive list of some currently unofficially supported platforms that may compile/work include:

  • FreeBSD on x86_64 (only on master branch/nightly build for now)
  • Linux on armv6, armv7, powerpc64le, riscv64gc
  • macOS on aarch64

For more details on unsupported platforms and known problems, check out the documentation.



Installation via cargo is done by installing the bottom crate:

# If required, update Rust on the stable channel
rustup update stable

cargo install bottom --locked

# Alternatively, --locked may be omitted if you wish to not used locked dependencies:
cargo install bottom

Arch Linux

There is an official package that can be installed with pacman:

sudo pacman -Syu bottom


A .deb file is provided on each stable release and nightly builds for x86, aarch64, and armv7 (note stable ARM builds only started with 0.6.8). You could install this way doing something like:

curl -LO
sudo dpkg -i bottom_0.6.8_amd64.deb


bottom is available as a snap:

sudo snap install bottom

# To allow the program to run as intended
sudo snap connect bottom:mount-observe
sudo snap connect bottom:hardware-observe
sudo snap connect bottom:system-observe
sudo snap connect bottom:process-control


Available in COPR:

sudo dnf copr enable atim/bottom -y
sudo dnf install bottom


Available in GURU and dm9pZCAq overlays:

sudo eselect repository enable guru
sudo emerge --sync guru
echo "sys-process/bottom" | sudo tee /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords/10-guru
sudo emerge sys-process/bottom::guru


sudo eselect repository enable dm9pZCAq
sudo emerge --sync dm9pZCAq
sudo emerge sys-process/bottom::dm9pZCAq


nix-env -i bottom


sudo eopkg it bottom


brew install bottom


sudo port selfupdate
sudo port install bottom


scoop install bottom


Choco package located here. Since validation of the package takes time, it may take a while to become available after a release.

choco install bottom

# The version number may be required for newer releases during the approval process:
choco install bottom --version=0.6.8


You can find the packages here:

winget install bottom

# Alternatively
winget install Clement.bottom

You can also manually do the same thing by going to the latest release and installing via the .msi file.

You can uninstall via Control Panel, Options, or winget --uninstall bottom.

Manual installation

There are a few ways to go about doing this manually. Note that you probably want to do so using the most recent version of stable Rust, which is how the binaries are built:

# If required, update Rust on the stable channel first
rustup update stable

# Option 1 - Download from releases and install
curl -LO
tar -xzvf 0.6.8.tar.gz
cargo install --path .

# Option 2 - Clone from master and install manually
git clone
cd bottom
cargo install --path .

# Option 3 - Clone and install directly from the repo all via Cargo
cargo install --git


You can also try to use the generated release binaries and manually install on your system:


The release binaries are packaged with shell auto-completion files for bash, fish, zsh, and Powershell. To install them:

  • For bash, move btm.bash to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/bash_completion or /etc/bash_completion.d/.
  • For fish, move to $HOME/.config/fish/completions/.
  • For zsh, move _btm to one of your $fpath directories.
  • For PowerShell, add . _btm.ps1 to your PowerShell profile.


You can run bottom using btm.

  • For help on flags, use btm -h for a quick overview or btm --help for more details.
  • For info on key and mouse bindings, press ? inside bottom or refer to the documentation.

You can find more information on usage in the documentation.


bottom accepts a number of command-line arguments to change the behaviour of the application as desired. Additionally, bottom will automatically generate a configuration file on the first launch, which one can change as appropriate.

More details on configuration can be found in the documentation.


If some things aren't working, give the Troubleshooting page a look. If things still aren't working, then consider asking a question by opening a question or filing a bug report.


Whether it's reporting bugs, suggesting features, maintaining packages, or submitting a PR, contribution is always welcome! Please read for details on how to contribute to bottom.


Thanks to all contributors:

Marcin Wojnarowski

💻 📦

Mahmoud Al-Qudsi




Kim Brose


Sven-Hendrik Haase


Artem Polishchuk

📦 📖

Trung Lê

📦 🚇


📦 📖

Lukas Rysavy


Erlend Hamberg


Frederick Zhang




Zeb Piasecki




Brian Di Palma


Lasha Kanteladze


Herby Gillot


Greg Brown




George Rawlinson

📖 📦



Randy Barlow


Patrick Jackson

🤔 📖

Mateusz Mikuła


Guillaume Gomez




Wesley Moore






Justin Martin





  • This project is very much inspired by gotop, gtop, and htop.

  • This application was written with many, many libraries, and built on the work of many talented people. This application would be impossible without their work. I used to thank them all individually but the list got too large...

  • And of course, another round of thanks to all contributors and package maintainers!