How to run Django on the latest Twisted web WSGI functionality
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Django on Twisted using Twisted's (new) WSGI code

This directory contains an example of how to combine Twisted and Django using the latest WSGI functionality in twisted.web.

A more complete discussion of this code can be found here:


  1. Recommended: Use a virtualenv and install with pip, to get them type:

    easy_install virtualenv pip
  2. Create a fresh virtualenv:

    virtualenv --no-site-packages twisted_wsgi_django_env
  3. Install dependencies into your virtualenv:

    #You must have Django 1.0+ and Twisted 9.0.0+
    pip -E twisted_wsgi_django_env install twisted django
  4. Get a copy of the example:

    #Or clone a copy:
    $ git clone git://

Run example

  1. Move into your virtualenv and activate it:

    $ cd twisted_wsgi_django_env
    $ source bin/activate
  2. Move into the example and do a syncdb:

    $ cd mydjangosite
    $ python syncdb #be sure to create an admin user
  3. Move up one directory and run the example:

    $ cd .. #assume you are in 'mydjangosite'
    $ twistd -ny #open localhost:8000 in browser
  4. If you decide to build an application with this server and deploy it, you can start the server as a daemon with:

    $ twistd -y #remember to change the port in to choose an open port in your server.


All code licensed under the BSD. Contact: Alex Clemesha <> |