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This repository holds process models of BPMN Anti-patterns based on Rozman et al. (2008).

These are the anti-patterns we were able to model through one of the selected BPMN-based process modeling tools (Bizagi, Bonita, Camunda and Signavio). The only anti-pattern we could not model was anti-pattern 5. Although, some tools emitted warning or error in the modeling phase. The table below presents the anti-pattern id and its respective description.

Id Anti-pattern
01 Activities in one pool are not connected
02 The event does not contain an end event
03 Sequence flow crosses sub-process boundary
04 Sequence flow crosses pool boundary
05 Gateway receives, evaluates and sends a message
06 Intermediate events are placed on the edge of the pool
07 Hanging intermediate events or activities in the process model
08 Each swimlane in the pool contains start event
09 Exception flow is not connected to the exception
10 Message flow misuse across swimlanes


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