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China map template using d3.js

This is a template to easily create nice map of China using data by provinces with d3js. The map includes Taiwan, HK and Macau.

Add your data

To generate a map, you can use the small Python script called or pass your values to js variables directly within the html file.

Per province

You need to parse you data into a 2D array where each province is associated to a count (int or float).

var data=[ ["Guangdong",12], ["Guizhou", 15] ...]

Available provinces are :

["Gansu", "Qinghai", "Guangxi", "Guizhou", "Chongqing", "Beijing", "Fujian", "Anhui", "Guangdong", "Xizang", "Xinjiang", "Hainan", "Ningxia", "Shaanxi", "Shanxi", "Hubei", "Hunan", "Sichuan", "Yunnan", "Hebei", "Henan", "Liaoning", "Shandong", "Tianjin", "Jiangxi", "Jiangsu", "Shanghai", "Zhejiang", "Jilin", "Inner Mongol", "Heilongjiang", "Taiwan", "Xianggang", "Macau"]


Colors scope is defined in the colorScale function in d3map.js

Title, description, units and credits

Additional info should be added like this :

var title='Population of Sina Weibo users for a specific keyword';
var desc='Based on Sina Weibo user profiles during a period of time. Data from weiboscope.';
var credits='by Clement Renaud - 2013';
var units='Volume of tweets';


Map data

To map data about China, we need to combine several maps to include HK, Aomen and Taiwan.

Map data has been prepared on Mike Bostock's d3js map tutorial and this other tutorial

Map data map need to be downloaded from Natural Earth 1:10m Cultural Vectors

  • Admin 0 - Countries (including taiwan and HK) Download
  • Admin 1 - States, Provinces (only the mainland) Download

Then, we use command-line tool ogr2ogr to filter SHP and keep only relevant part of the map and convert to geojson.

For the countries, we use ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 standard names of the countries : 'CHN', 'HKG', 'TWN' and 'MAC' to generate 2 maps : PRC+Taiwan borders, Aomen+HK borders

ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON -where "ADM0_A3 IN ('CHN','TWN')" zh-chn-twn.topo.json ne_10m_admin_0_countries_lakes.shp

ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON -where "ADM0_A3 IN ('HKG','MAC')" zh-hkg-mac.geo.json ne_10m_admin_0_countries_lakes.shp

For the provinces, we need only the mainland.

ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON -where "gu_A3 IN ('CHN')" zh-mainland-provinces.json ne_10m_admin_1_states_provinces_lakes.shp 

The we use to simplify the geometry (make the file smaller) and download it as topojson. Final states of the files are available in this rep.

TODO : Make the maps files smaller using npm topojson and removing useless fields


A template to create map of China by province using d3js



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