A metalsmith plugin that scan all images in subfolders and add it to metadata.
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Metalsmith Scan Images

A metalsmith plugin to easily create image galleries.

This plugin will scan all images included in folders following a pattern (ex 'content/projects/**/*.md') and add an array of paths called images to each post metadata.

Supported extensions : "jpg", "svg", "png", "gif", "JPG", "SVG", "PNG", "GIF"


npm install --save metalsmith-scan-images


var Metalsmith = require('metalsmith');
var images = require("metalsmith-scan-images");

var metalsmith = new Metalsmith(__dirname)
  .use(images( 'content/**/**/index.html' ))

Use it

A basic example of template for an image gallery

<div id="gallery" class="nine columns">
    <ul >
    {{#each images }}
            <img src="{{this}}" alt="">