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Homepage for Cleveland PyLadies, built on Pelican.
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The Cleveland PyLadies website is built on Pelican, a Python-based static site generator. To contribute content posts: fork this repo, create your post as a markdown file (.md) in the content folder, and make a pull request. We love community contributions and happily accept pull requests from first-time contributors! Don't know where to start? Attend a meetup and we'll help you get started!

Organizer notes:

  • The site build is automated by Travis-CI on any merges or commits to master.

  • Check to see if your fork is ## commits behind master before submitting pull requests. (Behind master could end up being problematic, depending on your change.) You can compare across forks and git fetch upstream master from your fork's local clone, if necessary. Note that you may lose changes if your fork is behind the site repo, so make changes in small increments.

  • The format for adding custom attributes to markdown elements is {: attribute='value' } .

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