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Cheat sheet for test mode (read-out of scanned OIDs) of TipToi pens
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Cheat sheet for the test-mode mode of TipToi pens.

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When trying to debug your projects, it is often helpful to see which OID the pen scans. TipToi pens come with a test mode that does just that by reading out the scanned OIDs (although in Chinese). While documentation of that mode is available, having to look for it again and again along with translation of Chinese digits is cumbersome. So we collect all the needed information in a single cheat sheet.


  • Install tttool
  • Install the requirements for ttbox
  • Clone this repository and make sure to init the submodules:
git clone --recursive
  • Switch to the cloned directory cd test-mode-cheat-sheet
  • Run make to build the SVGs with OIDs.
  • Print the SVGs with OIDs on a 1200dpi printer (test-mode-cheat-sheet-de-with-oids.svg is the German variant, test-mode-cheat-sheet-en-with-oids.svg is the English variant)
  • Follow the printed cheat sheet to put your pen into test mode.
  • Tip on OIDs (from books or your own projects) to hear the OID read out. The pronounciation printed on the cheat sheet will help you to understand the numbers. When in doubt, tip on the numbers on the cheat sheet to compare the read-outs.


If you run into issues or have questions, please file a ticket at GitHub's issue tracker

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