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Java source code Quality Analyzer
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Java source code Quality Analyzer

About jQana

jQana is a tool that analyzes Java source code and produces some metrics reports. Currently it verifies: LCOM4 (Lack of Cohesion of Methods - Martin Hitz, Behzad Montazeri), RFC (Response For Class - Shyam R. Chidamber Chris F. Kemerer) e CC (Cyclomatic Complexity - Thomas J. McCabe).

It is inteded to work as an additional metrics plugin, to work in tandem with JDepend and Cobertura, in a maven site generation. So, jQana is a Maven reporting plugin.

The tool is a FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) and it is licenced under Apache v 2.0 license -


The tool was originally created by Cleuton Sampaio, and Tiago Melo, but is an Open Source project, so anyone can join and help develop it. It is a project sponsored by the following Open Source communities:

  • Codeship Status for cleuton/jqana

    How to use jQana

    To use and download jQana, please consult our Website.


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