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jQuery Simplemodal Plug-in

This plugin provide a simple and lightweight modalbox implementation, inspired by leanModal.js. It does not include custom CSS or dependencies (except to manage positionning). It only provides a modal engine that you can tweak with CSS and classes.


The entry point for the plug-in is the simplemodal function.


The content of the node to which is attached the plugin is moved to the modalbox, so don't forget to saved it somewhere else before destroying the modalbox if you want to save it.

You can also pass a ghost content (aka the casper mode) directly to the modal:

$('<div/>', {text: "My Ghost content for the modal."}).simplemodal(options);

Properties of the configuration object


This property takes a boolean value. It defines is the modalbox must destroy itself at close, removing it's container and overlay from the DOM.

The default value is false.


This property defines if the modal must open at creation time or not, and takes a boolean value. If not, you must open it manually by passing the string open to the plugin.

// This modal will open directly
    autoOpen: true

// This one must be triggered manually
    autoOpen: false

$('button').on('click', function () {

The default value is false.


This property is a string that contains the className(s) you want to apply to the modalbox container. The default class always apply is sm-modal. The className option string is concatenated after the default one.

The default value is null (only apply .sm-modal class).


This object will override the classes names for this modal only. (see $.fn.simplemodal.className)


This property enable / disable the presence of a close button inside the modalbox container. It takes a boolean value that sets it's injection.

The default value is false (no close button by default).


This property is a number and defines the duration in milliseconds for transitions (appear, disappear).

The default value is 500.

onOpen / onClose

Those properties are callbacks that'll be called at open / close events. The context is the DOM element to which is attached the plugin.


This property defines the opacity applied to the overlay (the fog layer) behind the modalbox. It can takes any value from 0 to 1 and is passed directly to the jQuery fadeTo method.

The default value is 0.5.


This property defines the vertical position of the modal inside the viewport. It can takes one of the following values:

  • {falsy} : Any falsy value will centerize vertically the modalbox, determined by the modalbox innerHeight and the viewport height.
  • {number>0}: Any number greater than zero will position the modalbox at this distance from the top of the viewport.

The default value is null ({falsy}).

Default configuration


Use this object to override default options.


Use this object to override default classes.

$.fn.simplemodal.className = {
  overlay : 'sm-overlay',
  loader  : 'sm-loader',
  modal   : 'sm-modal',
  content : 'sm-content',
  close   : 'sm-close'


Use this object to override default translation keys.

$.fn.simplemodal.l10n = {
	close : 'close'