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Twig drupal render array

This project provide a function to transform regular js object to equivalent to Drupal 8 RenderArray.


We need to build static view from twig Drupal 8 template and fake data with node and twig.js.

But twig.js do not support some Drupal 8 behavior


npm install cleverage/twigjs-drupal-render-array#master

NB: this module will be published on NPM soon

const Twig = require('twig');
const dataTransformer = require('twigjs-drupal-render-array')(Twig);


const data = {
  "#theme": "index",
  "#property": "Condimentum Pharetra",
  "#another_property": 666,
  "children": {
    "#theme": "partial",
    "#yolo": "Bibendum Ullamcorper Dolor",
    "otherChild": {
      "#theme": "partial",
      "#yolo": "second depht"

Twig.renderFile('myTemplate.html.twig', dataTransformer(data), (err, result) => {

How it work

Twig.js use .toString() method to render an Object, so we create two new type of Object:

  • RenderVar: .toString() return render of twig file matching #theme entry with every var without #
  • RenderElement: .toString() return render of twig file matching #theme entry with data in a variable named by render element key from data
  • RenderCollection: .toString() return joined string of each children