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v2.2.1, August 26th, 2020

  • Bump bcrypt to 5.0.0

v2.2.0, August 26th, 2020

Yes, I'm still here. Just been focused on other projects :)

  • Bump Meteor to 1.11.0
  • Bump NPM dependencies
  • Fix NPM audit warnings

v2.1.0, July 29th, 2019

Special thanks to @ayhid, @MichelFloyd, @mrwisu, @h4de5, and @aferreol for help on this release :)

  • Document #25 Add documentation about ESLint to docs.
  • Complete #205 Remove unnecessary yarn.lock file.
  • Add #234 Add ability to blacklist certain routes from SSR.
  • Improve #261 Rename "Share" button to "Post Comment" in comment composer.
  • Add #263 Add sorting option to comments (newest or oldest first) on documents.
  • Complete #277 Correct path in error message in createIndex.js module.
  • Improve #283 Update Meteor and NPM dependencies.
  • Add #284 Merge PupQL functionality into Pup and deprecate @cleverbeagle/pupql.
  • Fix #293 Fix sendEmail always sending text template.
  • Fix #299 Fix old sendVerificationEmail Meteor method being used instead of GraphQL mutation.
  • Fix #307 Fix incorrect image size in manifest.json.
  • Complete #314 Fix linter errors.

v2.0.1, November 15th, 2018

  • Fix #265 Fix seeder creating 100 instead of 5 users.
  • Fix #267 Fix webhooks not receiving query params.
  • Fix #270 Fix GDPR modal not closing when moving between pages after user clicks "Save Settings."

v2.0.0, November 9th, 2018

  • Add #125 GraphQL support to replace usage of Meteor's publications and subscriptions.
  • Add #174 Add sitemap.xml generator (h/t @merlinpatt for this).
  • Improve #183 Folder structure to simplify import paths (h/t @merlinpatt for this).
  • Add #204 Add prettier and pre-commit hook (h/t @merlinpatt for this).
  • Add #208 Add browser-policy support (h/t @merlinpatt for this).
  • Add #211 Add webhooks template (h/t @merlinpatt for this).
  • Improve #220 Overhaul documents feature to include public/private documents and a new comments feature.
  • Improve #225 Migrate to v4 of styled-components (h/t @merlinpatt for this).
  • Add #235 Add input sanitization when editing documents (h/t @merlinpatt for this).
  • Improve #239 Migrate babel-plugin-lodash to a production dependency (h/t @fknipp for this).
  • Improve #240 Move actions to dedicated /actions directory under each /api directory.
  • Add #250 Unit, integration, and end-to-end testing.
  • Add #255 Continuous integration support via CircleCI (h/t @merlinpatt for this).
  • Improve #259 Update Meteor to v1.8.

v1.6.1, June 26th, 2018

  • Fix #176. Fix flash of /login page while SSR is loading. Needed to do a patch because the fix for this was breaking SSR.

v1.6.0, June 26th, 2018

  • Fix #176. Fix flash of /login page while SSR is loading.
  • Improve #166. Add minimum character length validation to update password on <Profile />.
  • Improve #165. Upgrade to Meteor
  • Fix #161. Fix PropTypes warning on <BlankState /> component.
  • Improve #162. Remove fourseven:scss dependency.
  • Add #156. Add <Authorized /> route component for roles-based routing.
  • Add #155. Add settings panel (relates to #149).
  • Add #151. Add a simple admin panel for users.
  • Add #149. Add a pattern for acquiring GDPR consent.

v1.5.1, May 3rd, 2018

  • Fix #159. Fix incorrect CSS variable referencing old Sass syntax. H/t @mbessieres for the tip.

v1.5.0, April 26th, 2018

  • Improve #157. Bump Meteor to and all dependencies to their latest compatible versions.
  • Add #154. Add blank state component.
  • Improve #144. Migrate to base template for transactional emails. H/t @michelfloyd for this one.
  • Improve #140. Move "Application Name" and support email into settings file instead of hard-coding it into the source. H/t @michelfloyd for this one.
  • Improve #138. Correct all linter errors. H/t @merlinpatt for this one.
  • Improve #134. Prevent welcome email sending before a user has verified their email address. h/t @toinevk.
  • Improve #130. Remove unnecessary Babel presets. h/t @toinevk.
  • Improve #81. Migrate to styled-components for CSS.
  • Add #69. Support for SSR with examples for dynamic data.

v1.4.0, February 12th, 2018

  • Add #119. Add examples of indexing MongoDB collections and module for simplifying process of defining indexes.
  • Improve #117. Simplify form handling. h/t @merlinpatt for this one.
  • Improve #114. Migrate profile updates to Accounts API. h/t @ninjaPixel for this one.
  • Improve #113. Simplify static pages implementation. h/t @sw-yx for this one.
  • Add #111. Basic data export functionality.
  • Add #110. Ability for users to delete their accounts (and data).
  • Add #109. Add redirect back to initial request after login.
  • Fix #106. Fix missing medium link on <Index /> component.
  • Add #105. Add staging and production commands to package.json.
  • Fix #104. Fix onCreateUser not applying default roles to new users.
  • Add #49. Add better handling for schema errors inside of Methods. h/t to @Bandit for the solution.

v1.3.0, November 13th, 2017

  • Improve #46. Move the resend verification email bar into its own component (h/t @pilarArr for implementing this).
  • Improve #47. Move getUserName() function in /imports/ui/layouts/App/App.js into its own file (h/t @pilarArr for implementing this).
  • Improve #48. Improve error handling in action methods so that they actual stop the Promise as soon as an error occurs.
  • Improve #53. Move method imports to be on both the client and the server to leverage Meteor's latency compensation by default (h/t @zodern for refactoring this).
  • Fix #59. Fix ESLint throwing a tantrum about line endings on Windows (h/t @pilarArr for implementing this).
  • Improve #60. Move to babel-preset-env from babel-preset-es2015 (h/t @pilarArr for implementing this).
  • Improve #78. Deprecate @cleverbeagle/dates package in favor of a local file of date helpers (h/t @zodern for refactoring this).
  • Improve #79. Add babel-plugin-lodash to reduce footprint of Lodash to only methods that are used in the project (h/t @ninjaPixel for finding/implementing this).
  • Improve #80. Add exception to disable max-len ESLint rule (h/t @ninjaPixel for implementing this).
  • Improve #94. Bump Meteor to v1.6 and bump Atmosphere and NPM deps.
  • Improve #95. Migrate from createContainer method to withTracker for data containers (h/t @cdolek for sniffing these out).
  • Improve #96. Fix miscellaneous ESLint errors (h/t @cdolek for sniffing these out).

v1.2.2, September 30th, 2017

  • Fix #66. Remove unnecessary callback argument causing trouble in /imports/modules/server/send-email.js.

  • Fix #74. Fix typo in /imports/ui/components/Public/Public.js.

v1.2.1, September 24th, 2017

  • Fix #68. Update Meteor to v1.5.2 and bump Atmosphere dependencies to latest versions.

v1.2.0, September 7th, 2017

  • Fix #31. Fix name not rendering for users logged in via OAuth with Google.
  • Fix #32. Fix route props not being passed to rendered component in <Authenticated /> and <Public />. h/t @pilarArr for the fix.
  • Improve #37. Bump Atmosphere and NPM dependencies to latest versions. h/t @pilarArr for the refactor.
  • Improve #40. Move Meteor.logout() call to be triggered by visiting the /logout route.
  • Add #44. Add support for transactional emails with HTML and text templates via Handlebars.
  • Improve #45. Clean up the UI/UX of the "Edit Profile" view for users who are logged in via OAuth.

v1.1.1, August 6th, 2017

  • Fix #27. Fix incorrect method name in rate limiter list in /imports/api/Users/server/methods.js.
  • Fix #28. Fix verify email message displaying for users who log in via OAuth.
  • Fix #29. Fix @cleverbeagle/seeder and @cleverbeagle/dates dependencies breaking initial startup. Also add core-js dependency as it was breaking some apps on startup.

v1.1.0, August 1st, 2017

  • Improve #16. Adds missing import for /imports/startup/server/accounts/on-create-user.js in /imports/startup/server/accounts/index.js. Add documentation on usage of Accounts.onCreateUser().

  • Improve #17. Move setting of user password in editing profile to client to ensure the user's current password is actually checked (implements Meteor's Accounts.changePassword() method).

  • Add #20. Add support for lodash package via NPM and swap usage of capitalize() method from @cleverbeagle/strings package with lodash's _.capitalize() method. Remove @cleverbeagle/strings from NPM dependencies.

  • Add #21. Add support for (non-blocking) email verification on user signup. Add documentation on email verification process.

  • Fix #23. Fixes a React PropTypes warning showing up when accessing a non-existing document on /documents/:_id/edit. Also improve 404 handling on /documents/:_id/edit and /documents/:_id when no document is passed.

  • Fix #24. Remove unnecessary _.pluck() call obscuring the method names passed to the rateLimit() options object.

v1.0.3, July 9th, 2017

  • Fix #14. Remove unnecessary loggingIn check that was forcing the page to re-render.

v1.0.2, June 27th, 2017

  • Fix #12. Fixes prop type warning being thrown when transitioning to the ViewDocument page component from the NewDocument page component.

v1.0.1, June 14th, 2017

  • Fix #1. h/t to @sczk for pointing out the fix.

v1.0.0, June 13th, 2017

  • Initial release of Pup.