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Cleverbot client for node.js
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To install this package, simply enter the following in your console

npm install --save

Note: It is a good practice to include --save to add this to your dependencies in your package.json


Before using this module, please get your API keys at

To initialize cleverbot, require the module, then create a new instance of cleverbot

var cleverbot = require(""),
bot = new cleverbot("YOUR_API_USER", "YOUR_API_KEY");

Creating Sessions allows you to save cleverbot sessions to access later If you've already created a session previously, simply add the following code to reference it


To create or access a cleverbot session, start with the following

bot.create(function (err, session) {
  // session is your session name, it will either be as you set it previously, or will generate one for you
  // Woo, you initialized  Insert further code here

Querying Cleverbot

Now querying cleverbot is simple, you pass the text to the .ask() method

bot.ask("Just a small town girl", function (err, response) {
  console.log(response); // Will likely be: "Living in a lonely world"

Well, that's it for now! Happy hacking! is free and open source, and will remain so.

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