A client / server for a Tox-based VPN. Run the server on one computer, copy the public key, and run the client (with that key) on another computer, and it should Just Work™.
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toxvpn is a powerful tool that allows one to make tunneled point to point connections over Tox.

Using Tox for transport allows fast, efficient and reliable encrypted tunneling.

Currently only Linux has full support.


To run toxvpn after you compile / install it, you will need to load tun module:

# modprobe tun

After that, you can run toxvpn:

# ./toxvpn -i

After that type help to get list of commands.

Note that toxvpn instances that connect to each other need to have different IPs in order to work properly.


toxvpn is licensed under GPLv3. For details, look in COPYING.