A plugin for Homebridge for the Stoker BBQ Controller.
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Homebridge Plugin for Stoker BBQ Controller

npm npm

A plugin for Homebridge to bring the Stoker BBQ Controller into HomeKit. Each temperature sensor will get its own Thermostat sensor, which includes the current temperature of the sensor, along with the target temperature. The target temperature can be updated/controlled via HomeKit and Siri. An Occupancy Sensor will be created for each blower to indicate its status, and for each temperature sensor to indicate whether or not it has reached its target temperature.

While Apple's Home app isn't terrible, its not nearly as pleasurable to use for a Stoker with this plugin as Elgato Eve's app is. Its free, and I recommend you get it to use with this plugin!


You install the plugin the same way you installed Homebridge - as a global NPM module:

sudo npm install -g homebridge-stoker

If you don't have a Homebridge installation yet, head over to the project documetation for more information.


The plugin uses the following config values:

Variable Description
accessory Must be "Stoker".
name Whatever you want the accessory to be named in HomeKit.
stoker_address The hostname / IP address of your Stoker.
polling_interval How many seconds between polling the Stoker for updates.
sensors A list of objects with a "name" property, one for each temp sensor.
blowers A list of objects with a "name" property, one for each blower.

Typical config example:

  "accessories": [
      "accessory": "Stoker",
      "name": "Stoker",
      "stoker_address": "bbq.lacour.local",
      "polling_interval": 5,
      "sensors": [
        { "name": "Meat" },
        { "name": "Cooker" }
      "blowers": [
        { "name": "Blower" }