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Add an "On This Day" feature to a website
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Micro Memories

Code used for creating an "On This Day" page for a hosted website.

Currently used on my wife's site.

To use, simply create a page on your website with the following content:

<div id="on-this-day">

<script src=""></script>

This will inject some JavaScript into the page, which will then discover and crawl your /archive page, and populate the content for you.

Make sure to pass the appropriate time zone. If none is specified in the request for the JavaScript, then 'US/Pacific' will be assumed. For a full listing of available time zone strings, refer to the IANA time zone database.


Micro Memories is known to work on all of the standard themes in If you are using a custom theme, you need to ensure that your theme makes proper use of microformats, especially the h-entry microformat. The open source themes are a good place to look for guidance.

To ensure a good experience, your posts should be marked up with the h-entry microformat, with a u-url property, a p-name property, a dt-published property, and a e-content property. To check how your posts parse with a microformats2 parser, you can use the tool on to verify that all properties are being discovered.

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