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Routing Example

The following documents the routing happening when you type this url into the browser: http://hostname/path-to-yiibackbone/

1) This will match to the default route defined in the Backbone router (app/js/router.js)
      routes: {
        ".*" : "postList"

2) That triggers the postList function in the same router file
      postList: function() {
          //if this data hadn't been previously retrieved, this triggers the fetch() method on the posts
          //collection.  Go to step 3
          App.posts.length || App.posts.fetch()

        ).done(function() {
          //after the post data is present, include the Backbone View, then display the output
          require(['views/post/list'], function(PostList) {
            App.mainRegion.show(new PostList({
              collection : App.posts

3) The fetch method of the post collection (/app/js/collections/post.js), uses the url property located within.
   This will make a GET request to this url

      url: 'api/post'

4) That request described in step 3 matches a defined url rule in (/protected/config/main.php). As indicated below:

      The 1st arg represents the controller & method to be invoked
      The 2nd arg is the url pattern to listen for
      The 3rd arg is the type of request made for the url patter to listen for

    //array('controller/method',    'pattern'=>'url/requested',     'verb'=>'REQUEST_METHOD')
      array('post/list'       ,     'pattern'=>'api/post',          'verb'=>'GET')

5) The 'post/list' argument resolves to the PostController (/protected/controllers/PostController.php), specifically
   the actionList method.  This uses the Yii framework to retreive data & return as JSON object.  Once this is done,
   you'd return to the '.done()' callback of step 2 to display the posts