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YII_DEBUG depends on env.code #21

pythagor opened this Issue Oct 14, 2012 · 4 comments

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It's possible to add setting 'env.code' using for enabling/disabling debug depend on environment? I searched through the code but never this param not using. Thanks.


Will analyze code for a good solution

rinatio commented Nov 8, 2012

+1. There is no easy way to enable/disable YII_DEBUG ...

rmrevin commented Nov 20, 2012


Clevertech member

There's no need to specify YII_DEBUG anymore. Application is in debug mode by default. To disable debug mode you have three options:

  1. Make the file under the root of codebase called PRODUCTION_MODE.
  2. Make it so that a variable $_SERVER['PRODUCTION_MODE'] will exist and have a true-ish value.
  3. Make it so that there'll be an environment variable called PRODUCTION_MODE and have a true-ish value.

Check the common/check_prod_mode.php file for details.

@hijarian hijarian closed this Dec 22, 2013
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