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Need More Excamples Documentation #43

DrMabuse23 opened this Issue Jan 19, 2013 · 3 comments

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  1. Plz show me how how i can use the frontend baseurl in Backend
  2. I think some more information about the Handling was usefull



i do this in my backend config
Yii::setPathOfAlias('frontendBaseUrl', '/comm/frontend/www');

why? => i build a gallery module i save the images in the frontend but i need a preview in the backend


Ok next thing i put a user module in common. I logged in my Backend all cool. then i want to use Yii::app->user->isGuest in frontend ia not logged in how to resolve this ?

Clevertech member

We commonly put the

'params' => array(
    'frontendUrl' => 'someurl',

inside the backend config. As this value is developer-dependent, it's usually in local configuration snippet.

As for authentication - YiiBooster is designed so that backend is totally separated from frontend. You should never have a reason to login to both entry points simultaneously. So if you want to login to backend, then to frontend, you should do it separately in both entry points.

@hijarian hijarian closed this Dec 22, 2013
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