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Backend folder

This is the storage of all your data related only to the backend side of the website.

Backend is meant to be the administrator's area, holding the various editor tools and with restricted access.

Structure of this folder is the same as of frontend one, and is based on the traditional protected/ folder from the project skeleton generated by Yii console tools.

backend/www is the web root of the backend, which should be published by your web server.

Table of Contents

  • components

    All of the CApplicationComponent descendants registered under components section of config. Usually descendants of CWebApplication, CWebUser, CUserIdentity end up here, too.

  • config

    Pieces of configuration overrides relevant only to backend are there.

  • controllers

    All of the CController descendants are intended to be placed here. Note that usually base Controller class ends up in components directory.

  • extensions

    All of Yii extensions you want to be explicitly associated with website backend. No restriction of usage is enforced, you still can import classes from here to any other entry point like frontend.

  • models

    All of CModel descendants which should be visible in backend entry point only. Usually all of helper classes and business domain objects end up here, too.

  • modules

    This is the directory for modules inside the backend.

  • packages

    Packages of CSS&JS assets to easily include them into backend layout using CClientScript.register* methods. Initially in YiiBooster inside this folder lies the package for the backend-specific styles describing its design.

  • runtime

    Yii requires this folder to hold some temporary files used while running. backend/runtime is used only by the backend entry point.

  • views

    View files for controllers. Structure is the same as in traditional protected folder: for each controller ID there should be a subfolder with all view files for this controller.

  • widgets

    All CWidget descendants intended to be associated with backend. As with extensions folder, no real usage restriction is enforced, you are free to reference this widgets from frontend, too.

  • www

    Web root of the backend entry point. You publish this folder using your web server to make the backend accessible from Web. Anything inside www is intended to be directly publicly visible by visitors.