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Installing instructions

1. Attaching to Yii application

Write the following to your application config:

'components' => array(
    'booster' => array(
        'class' => ''

Of course it has to be inside your existing components section, do not create second one.

Name of component must be booster, please bear with it for now.

See the components/Booster.php file for configuration properties of Bootstrap component.

2. Setting up initialization

You have two options.

Lazy way is to preload YiiBooster at every request. Write the following inside your application config:

'preload' => array(
    ... possibly other components to be preloaded ...

As with components section above, do not create another preload section if you already have one.

Precise way is to use the custom filter shipped with YiiBooster, to load Bootstrap component only on chosen Controller actions. You have to write something like this inside each Controller you want to have YiiBooster loaded:

public function filters() {
    return array(
        ... probably other filter specifications ...
        array(' - delete')

.filters.BoosterFilter snippet has to be written verbatim - it is the path to subfolder under the YiiBooster directory.

This example declaration will tell the Controller in question to load Bootstrap component on any action except delete one. You can look at the documentation for CController.filters() method for details about using this feature.

That's all

Now you can call widgets included in YiiBooster using the following incantation in your view files:

$this->widget('booster.widgets.TbWidgetClassName', $config);

Where WidgetClassName placeholder stands for name of the widget. All YiiBooster widget classes are prefixed by Tb by convention.

Automatically-generated alias bootstrap points to the directory which holds widgets folder inside your YiiBooster installation.