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+# ChangeLog
+## Special Thanks
+I would like to personally thank everyone of you that spend your valuable time helping improving this extension, by pointing out bugs and/or providing solutions that all of us can take advantage with.
+Thank you all
+Antonio Ramirez
+Senior Web Developer
+### YiiBooster version 1.0.5
+- **(fix)** TbCarousel displayPrevAndNext set to false breaks the page (amosviedo)
+- **(enhancement)** Bootstrap upgrade to 2.2.1 (kazuo)
+- **(fix)** TbActiveForm class name is displayed on screen (sorinpohontu)
+- **(fix)** TbExtendedGridView Bulk Actions Bug (antonio ramirez)
+- **(enhancement)** Updated jquery-ui LESS (kazuo)
+- **(enhancement)** Bootbox now can be activated/deactived at will (antonio ramirez)
+- **(enhancement)** Added TbExtendedGridFilter widget (antonio ramirez)
+- **(enhancement)** Added JSONStorage component (antonio ramirez)
+- **(fix)** Overrided TbBox bug by upgrade (ragazzo)
+- **(enhancement)** Now TbBox can hold multiple types of buttons (dragnet)
+- **(enhancement)** Added bootstrap styles to TbSelect2 widget (DonFelipe)
+- **(enhancement)** Added radioButton group list support (xpoft)
+- **(fix)** Hungarian translation corrected (pappfer)
+- **(fix)** renderKeys() in TbExtendedGridView generates invalid html (TrueTamTam)
+- **(fix)** TbFileUpload - bug in global progressbar (appenshin)
+- **(enhancement)** Added support to TbActiveForm to use TbSelect2 widget (antonio ramirez)
+- **(enhancement)** Added MarkDown Editor (kazuo)
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