Bug in datepicker #418

firsyura opened this Issue Mar 27, 2013 · 5 comments

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Hi, guys. I have found some bug in datepicker. When I put datepicker into gridview, it doesn't work for me.
Problem is in js files for translation.
In script file the name of function is "datepicker"
but in translation file the name is "bdatepicker"


Fixed in 1.0.6, all.


Where is 1.0.6 version?

Clevertech member

It's a 1.0.6-wip branch. Use it instead of master. It's unstable as hell and differ from documentation, but it has a lot of bugs fixed and has a newer Bootstrap libraries.

@hijarian hijarian closed this Mar 27, 2013

When 1.0.6 release?

It's unstable as hell

1.0.6 no worse than 1.0.5 now.

Clevertech member

@magefad I've pushed the new version minutes ago. YiiBooster is 1.0.6 now. We now will work on 1.0.7-wip branch.

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