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YiiBooster not compatible with jQuery UI? #475

ageusz opened this Issue Apr 22, 2013 · 12 comments


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ageusz commented Apr 22, 2013


I need to use a DateTimePicker but it is not yet available in YiiBooster. So I used the extension for Yii ( http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/datetimepicker ). Unfortunately it conflicts with YiiBooster tooltips. I guess it overrides the popover or sth. All tooltips are shown in the white container (just like the one for the picker). Same thing happens when I use Yii's default DatePicker at the same page where for example TbButtonColumn.

Is it known issue? Do you know how to deal with it?


hijarian commented Apr 22, 2013

Integration problem with tooltips is known issue. Among opened tickets it's #271 #316 and #347. We're working on it.

ageusz commented Apr 22, 2013

Somehow I haven't found it. I guess I'll close it here. Thanks!

@ageusz ageusz closed this Apr 22, 2013

ageusz commented Apr 22, 2013

I resolved the problem using the suggestion here ( #316 (comment) ). I used grep and changed all occurences of 'tooltip' to 'tooltipbootstrap' in the bootstrap directory - it works great now. Thanks for pointing out those tickets @hijarian!

@ageusz ageusz reopened this Apr 22, 2013

@ageusz ageusz closed this Apr 22, 2013

@ageusz Do you will commit the files? I´m having this problem on my project and need to fix this bug on it.

ageusz commented Apr 26, 2013

@zanforlin - I'm not to familiar with the github I have to admit. I'll try to learn how to do it and commit it. Meanwhile - you should try to use Wndows Grep app to do what I did.

ageusz commented Apr 26, 2013

I just had to do the fix again in linux. Here's what I did:
find yiibooster/ -type f -exec sed -i 's/tooltip/tooltipbootstrap/g' {} \; - to change all tooltip occurences in all files in the dir.
Then I found files that contains tooltip in the name. There are only 3 of them so you can even manually correct it to tooltipbootstrap. That's all. Works for me.


PrplHaz4 commented Apr 26, 2013

doesn't this solution mean that you are no longer using a "stock" version of bootstrap and that any bootstrap update will be a breaking change?

ageusz commented Apr 26, 2013

@PrplHaz4 - yes, practically "my version" is no longer a stock one. Still - I think it's not a big problem. Without this change - I would have tooltips sometimes broken - not a super big deal. Bootstrap update? Well I can always get update and make same changes to it. Ofcourse - if better solutions will show up - I will be happy to use it.


hijarian commented Apr 26, 2013

Guys, if the main maintainer did not changed the relevant strings himself doesn't mean no one can do a PR. This way the change proposed will be in 1.0.7 and you will not suffer from any regressions.

ageusz commented Apr 26, 2013

@hijarian - I'm kind of newbie and I don't know what is a PR and how to do it. When I'll have a bit of time I'll try to catch it up and do it.

Not sure if any yiibooster features lost by temporarily regressing to a 1.8.xx version of jquery-ui - but useful to me so far so someone else researching might find it useful to do the same

        /* NB: currently version 1.9 of jqueryUI introduces tooltip which conflicts with bootstrap.
         * new version of bootstrap or yiibooster will resolve it - several people working on it
         * There is a jquery-ui solution evidently using $.widget.bridge from https://github.com/twitter/bootstrap/issues/6303
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