Bootstrap 3 support ? #705

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Have such plans or some news?

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Moving to Bootstrap 3 means breaking the established UI of our existing users (I do hope they exist). So, backwards-compatible solution would be making a switch or something. Also, Bootstrap 3 is not fully compatible with Bootstrap 2.3.2 so we need to re-check everything for regressions.

So, do not expect support of Bootstrap 3 anytime soon.


no way to start new project with support bootstrap 3 !?


@jafaripur +1

maybe can exist two extension
One booster support bootstrap 2
Another booster support bootstrap 3


everyone wants Bootrstrap 3 :(


Well, when will boots3???


Right now I'm making decision whether to use forward YiiBooster or start using YiiStrap because they have BS3 branch and there are some extensions that are based YiiStrap and using bs3.


Also found and downloaded Yiistrap BS3 - sit I pick ...


I really like YiiBooster and it has many good features comapred other libraries. Maybe just to make bs3 branch and users could contribute?


I totally agree with lyuly - YiiBooster good and it has lots of ready-made solutions, but progress is necessary to try and keep up with him. Bootstrap 3 very concise and has many new and buns worked on board this sense the transition from 2 to version 3 is the place to be.


I agree with you guys , BS3 support branch should be the way to go .


Bootstrap 3.0 will be! ;) Soon ... i will start working on it before New Year.


Yeeeeeah baby!))


Nice to hear that!
Please take care about correct semantic versioning. A branch is fine, but a new repo is also not wrong.


@TheHett Well... that makes me the only exception! :] Though I agree with others, that BS3 support would be great, I find myself very comfortable on 2.3.2 and no, I don't want BS3! :]


Hello guys! Sure we will create new repo and you can make a choose what version to use.


Has there been any progress with BS3 support?


Is there any chance that someone has a fork that has BS3? I really don't want to have to rewrite every inch of this extension, when I'll never use it again.


So what is the current status of bootstrap 3 support?


@tarlepp , as far as I can tell this may as well be abandoned.

Could one of you explain to me way you pick Yii on purpose?


This is not abandoned and Clevertech's making efforts to fix known issues and after that, bring it more up-to-date, possibly supporting only BS3 with Yii2.

Your opinions will definitely help us decide which way to go (a new branch? a new version? Support only BS3 with Yii2?)


I think that best solution would be BS3 support for Yii and Yii2.

@amrbedair is released, it is the latest major bootstrap 2 release, so master now is for bootstrap 3 ... please note that master is not stable and should not be used in any production projects, once we have a stable bootstrap 3 code we will create a new release


Do you have somekind of estimate for release?


maybe 30 days ...
But for sure not all widgets will be considers as some of them are not upgraded to Bootstrap 3 yet

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So, the OP's question is answered, we'll implement the Bootstrap 3 support at last.

I am hereby close this ticket. Future discussion about Bootstrap 3 support should go to announcement #785.

@hijarian hijarian closed this May 2, 2014
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